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X Gender Marker: Entry Restrictions?

To add on to @jcaron's answer, I manually checked the Timatic entry of every country in the world (the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list of countries and territories, specifically). The only countries listed in ...
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X Gender Marker: Entry Restrictions?

One such example involves the United Arab Emirates (most known for Dubai). The Timatic entry for the UAE reads: Passengers must have a travel document with gender F or M to enter and transit. ...
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B1/B2 Visa Application: Assistance in Providing Funding Entity Contact Information

Ask the company what information you should provide. In general the name of the company should be the formal name of the company in your country. It will be on any letters, contracts or agreements ...
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Why are they helping to pay for your visit?

In this specific case, Basic answer would be : because she's my sister and she loves me. (duh). But as stated in comments, you should state the truth... And if you don't really know why your sister is ...
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Will a Canadian refugee travel document allow visa-free entry to Georgia?

From traveldoc.aero Visa is required for passengers holding travel documents issued to stateless persons, refugees or aliens. However, you can apply for eVisa here - https://www.evisa.gov.ge/GeoVisa/...
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Flying International with VietJet Airlines and unable to check in online using https://vietjetair.com/

that has happened to others? Yes, that's unfortunately fairly common if you book through a 3rd party. after booking through Trip.com That's your problem. There are many different airlines and many ...
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Should I translate the document before or after attesting it?

Judging by the comment by Ozzy which states that the order did not matter for him/her, as well as another question here where the poster was required to Apostille the translator’s statement (“I, a ...

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