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You cannot apply for specifically a five-year Schengen visa. The length of visa will be decided by the country granting the visa. When submitting your visa application, you should answer with the details of the trip(s) you are currently planning: Your "intended departure date" is the date you leave the Schengen Area at the end of your planned trip....


In version 1.7 of the CovPass app released on Aug 31, 2021 the functionality Create EU printout was added to the app. This function will generate a PDF file on the phone that is identical to the original printout. This PDF can be saved on the phone or provided to other apps directly.


I asked the German Consulate in Toronto and here is their answer (relevant excerpt from the full screenshot here): With regards to your question, a tourist visa will be issued as per submitted documents at your visa appointment. In other words, if you submit documents for a trip to Germany from December 23rd to 31st, the visa will be issued for exactly that ...


Changing your mind or slightly altering your plans is not illegal per se and the visa sticker won't mention your original plan. On the other hand, your visa will have a period of validity and that's the only thing that matters. If, as is likely, you are issued a visa valid from December 15th then you are out of luck and cannot present yourself to the border ...

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