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DB: Can I still use the return journey if I miss the outbound train?

DB does not really do "return" tickets. If you buy a "return" ticket from A to B and back to A what you really are doing is buying a ticket A to B, and another one B to A, in the ...
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DB: Can I still use the return journey if I miss the outbound train?

Yes, you are allowed to use the return part of your ticket even if you should miss the outbound train. This is common practice (no conductor would ever check your outbound travel when being on the ...
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Can I bring fish products from Indonesia to Germany?

Yes, travellers to the EU can bring in up to 20 kilograms of fish products. Cooked potato (kentang) products are also OK. Your friend will definitely want to put the sambal in checked luggage. If ...
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Travel for a short duration in the Schengen area with a residence permit and an expired passport

I have a residence permit (not an ID card, but a one-year residence permit) from Belgium, This answer assumes that the residence permit has not expired. Is there any way I could obtain a visa or ...
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Can I request leeway on Schengen airport transit visa expiry date?

A 15 days grace period may be applied unless the travel document validity (3 months after visa expiry) will not make it. Schengen Visa code ยง 26 (Issuing of an airport transit visa) states Without ...
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