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Those are so called "Radschnellweg" (, which literally means "bicycle highway". The signs that you posted seem to be part of the Radschnellverbindung Darmstadt-Frankfurt (


No. Transits through airports in countries that are on the list of bans for entry into the US count as physical presence there, so no, a non-exempt non-US citizen cannot currently travel to the US via Frankfurt or any other airport in the Schengen Area (and other countries similarly banned). The US Embassy in the Hague wrote: Travelers with a U.S. #visa or ...


The way the rules are structured, a quarantine is mandatory for everybody but it can be “shortened” once the German authorities have received a proof that you tested negative, are fully vaccinated, or recovered from Covid 19. The rules for so-called “variant areas” and “high-incidence areas” are slightly different. In any case, there is no blanket exemption ...


A partial answer regarding your third bullet point: Quarantine rules on return to Germany will depend on how Germany classifies the pandemic situation in Austria, notably regarding mutant varieties (Virusvarianten-Gebiete). This classification may change on short notice, even while you're already abroad. So better plan with the worst-case scenario of 14 days ...

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