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Can I take flight from India to Poland on German blue card?

First, we need to establish whether the EU Blue Card is a residence permit. It is: the official List of residence permits issued by member states includes the "EU Blue Card" issued by ...
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On DE-CH international journeys, when is the "Zugbindung" really lifted?

Zugbindung in Switzerland is done based on departure time, and not on train number. So if for example the 7:59 to Frankfurt is cancelled, but a replacement Zurich - Basel leaves at the same time you ...
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Weekend visit to Erfurt, Germany from Paris, France

TL,DR: take the night train. Erfurt isn't a huge city and isn't a major economic or touristic location. So there isn't much of a market for direct transportation between there and another country. ...
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Weekend visit to Erfurt, Germany from Paris, France

Flights to and from smaller low-traffic airports are usually quite expensive because of lack of competition. But why do you want to fly to Leipzig when you are going to Erfurt? Most flights, at least ...
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Traveling from Egypt to Romania with German residence

My question is, if I travel to my home country to see my family and I would like to travel from Egypt directly to Romania, will the German residence [permit] suffice? Yes, both the two or multiple ...
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