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Refused entry stamp (c) in Paris. Will it create problems?

Refused entry stamp (c) paris will it create problem? You were refused entry into the Schengen Area because you had no valid visa or residence permit after being refused entry into Mexico. For the ...
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Does a US citizen need a transit visa in Korea?

US citizens are visa-free in Korea. And currently they don't require the K-ETA either. That might restart in 2025.
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Can a Pakistani citizen apply for a Mexican visa via the embassy in Abu Dhabi?

It is better to call the Abu Dhabi embassy instead of just arriving. They should be able to help you though with the process. Typically for issues where there is no embassy or consulate in your home ...
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Refused entry stamp (c) in Paris. Will it create problems?

The "(c)" means that you were refused entry to France for the lack of visa (see the Annex V parts A and part B of the Schengen border code). Since on your way from Mexico you were sent back ...
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What type of visa does he need to enter Greece?

To enter any of the Schengen countries you need a visit visa. That does include Greece. This is however short the visit is, even if you only need to collect your luggage you need a full visit visa. ...
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Flynas connecting flight JED-DEL via Riyadh airport

Jeddah and Riyadh are both in Saudi Arabia, so there will not be any immigration processing in Jeddah, but only in Riyadh (the Jeddah-Riyadh is an internal flight). In Jeddah, they will have to get ...
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Refused entry stamp (c) in Paris. Will it create problems?

can I take transit again to Paris? No. You cannot transit or enter France without the appropriate visa. As an Indian citizen, your UK Visitor visa is not valid for Schengen. will this stamp create a ...
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