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Can someone who is not you find out your date of birth from your confirmation code on your airline ticket?

The confirmation code itself does not encode your date of birth, but it is possible that your airline's website shows the details of all passengers in the booking, including dates of birth. That is ...
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Do Alaska MVP members still board in Group B if you purchase the Saver fare?

Boarding will be according to your elite status: As an elite Mileage Plan member, what benefits do I receive on a Saver fare? You may board according to your status. Baggage fees are still waived ...
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Flight: Baggage add-on need to be for a separate checked bag? Or can it be added to the total weight of one bag?

There are two weights to consider: The maximum weight per bag is a hard limit. For many airlines, and that is the case for Batik Air, the maximum weight per bag is 32 kg. No single bag can exceed the ...
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Delay receiving flight ticket

Call their number before 24 hours pass, to get your ticket confirmed manually. I booked from it and only got the ticket confirmed 20 hours later after I called their number. It appears that the whole ...
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Can I enter the US on an ESTA before the 30-day grace period on a J1 then exit to Canada and re-enter on my J1?

Travellers seeking to enter the US by air or sea pursuant to the Visa Waiver Program are required to hold an onward ticket, and the final destination of the onward ticket may not be a "contiguous ...
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