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There is a LCVP based at the harbour of Carentan-les-Marais, about 50 km from Bayeux (more details in French). I don't think there is one on a beach anywhere, there might be one at the museum at Utah beach.


The remains of Mulberry harbour can be seen at Arromanches-les-Bains on the French coast. There's also a small museum that displays dioramas depicting the harbour in operation. Source: Paris City Vision


The best I was able to find is Eelway which charges €70 to meet you at Orly airport, pick up your bag and return it to you at the airport the next day. You can authorize a third party to receive your bag. It's a bit expensive, but perhaps worth it to have a reputable company handling your belongings. Note that they only offer such service from 7am to 9pm ...


You have been issued a "Limited Territorial Validity (LTV)" visa, which only allows you to enter France. You are NOT allowed exit France to any other Schengen state using this visa, nor are you allowed transit/enter any other Schengen state on this or a future trip. You can confirm this by looking at the 29th character on the 2nd row of the machine ...


It's not up to you to combine the two trips and apply for a single visa for both, what you are supposed to do is to apply for a visa for the first trip from the Dutch consulate and, after your return, go through the French consulate to get another visa for the second trip. As a UK resident, it's also possible that the Dutch consulate would give you a ...


I have never had a problem using my Schwab visa on websites for Renfe (Spanish trains) or airlines based in Spain, Turkey, and elsewhere. Nor for any hotels. Never tried SNCF. I did use it to buy a train ticket on which should also be able to book SNCF. Schwab is one of several banks that charges no exchange fee. They use whatever rate Visa ...


yes i paid visa fee That suggests that you applied as a "normal" applicant rather than as the family member of an EU citizen. The visa for an EU citizen's family member is free of charge, and it is supposed to be processed quickly. Two days is probably too little time, however; I suppose it could take as much as a couple of weeks. You might be able to ...

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