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Can I enter France from outside EU with German Fiktionsbescheinigung and/or Schengen Visa?

You can enter the Schengen area with the Fiktionsbescheinigung. There is a list of documents that function as residence permits in that they allow the bearer to enter the Schengen area without a visa....
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Can I bring back electronic components from Taiwan?

Unless these products are under Taiwanese export restrictions, there's no issue on that side. In France, if you are over 15 landing in France from outside the EU, your duty-free allowance is 430€. ...
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Can I bring back electronic components from Taiwan?

Is there any law or regulation preventing me to buy some for me and my friend No. However, depending on the value of the electronics you will have to declare them at customs and pay duty upon arrival ...
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Can I sponsor my mother for a Schengen visa?

I believe that you misuse or misunderstand the word sponsorship in this context. What you would do is to provide funds for your mother. The French visa officials will examine the application by your ...
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Can I re enter France with a demande de duplicata pour un titre de séjour?

I don't know if the document you have is enough but if all else fails, there is a procedure intended to cover force majeure cases and emergencies for people who are present legally but do not have a ...
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Travelling Europe after French visa expires

You can look into earlier questions like Does tourist visa (90 days) apply after a long-term visa ends in Schengen countries? and UK citizen staying in Schengen after long-stay visa expires to ...
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