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Do non-EU citizens need to carry a passport when travelling from Austria to Austria by train via the Deutsches Eck (German Corner)?

TL;DR: Yes, as a non-EEA citizen, you need to carry a passport in the situation you describe in your question. First of all, both Austrian and German national law require all persons to carry a ...
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Where would I clear passport control on a connecting intra-Schengen flight?

My question is, where will I get my passport stamped? In Greece, at your port of entry Will I run into issues at passport control if my primary destination is Greece, but I am transiting to Spain? ...
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Infant son's name on Schengen tourist visa (Switzerland) differs from passport

A Schengen visa is issued against a valid travel document. The number of the travel document (in most cases a passport) will also be printed on the visa sticker that will be affixed to the travel ...
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