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When you create an account on the website it create a profile for you which is tied to a specific country. You will only be able to create visa appointments in the country registered in your profile. You can find the country that your profile is currently configured for by logging into the website, and looking at the top of the main page - ...


I was able to solve it at last. When I tried registering a new account under the same email address, it did not work. I have thus created a new account with a new email address and it went through. Thank to jcaron for suggesting this.


No-one can tell you what they will do. But from my experience I can tell you that they definitely can ask to see it. I traveled with a friend who had a passport that required a Schengen visa and a visa to the destination country, and we had a layover in a Schengen airport. When we decided to go out and see the city, they checked the Schengen visa (makes ...


As of late 2019, Saudi Arabia began issuing tourist visas to citizens of approximately 50 countries. You can apply for an eVisa in advance via the official application portal, but the above news article also says that visas can be obtained on arrival.

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