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Clarification needed about my Schengen visa (CZ, DE, SK)

The symbol following "ETATS SCHENGEN" is a dash to be interpreted as a minus sign. This means that your visa has a limited territorial validity, and is not valid for travel to the Czech ...
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USA - Do I need to apply for ESTA if I have B1/B2 visa?

An ESTA is a travel authorisation for travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Since you already have a valid visa, you have no need for a visa waiver to enter the US, therefore you don'...
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Clarification needed about my Schengen visa (CZ, DE, SK)

This a visa issued with "limited territorial validity" as laid out in article 25 of the Schengen visa code found here. The visa sticker is filled out as per ANNEX VII 1.1 to 1.4 of the same ...
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Canada visa postdov application country to apply from

A temporary resident visa will be issued to you once your work permit application receives the pre-approval from IRCC. All Canadian work permit applications must in principal be submitted online. The ...
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Collected passport from Tunisia as I had applied for a UK visitor visa; there was no visa in it and no refusal letter. Who can I contact?

If there was no visa in your passport when you collected it, then you were refused the visa. The UKVI will send you an email giving you the reasons for refusal. You do not need to send an enquiry to ...
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South Africa - are multiple entries possible with the online temporary sojourn visa?

Possibly at the end of the application you will be offered the option to add a second visit. Unfortunatly the text seems to be cut off mid sentence. Sources: Department of Home Affairs - ePermits - ...
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