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Security at layover in Detroit on international flight

You will almost certainly not go through security in Detroit on your outbound flight. At US airports, domestic arrivals (such as your flight from Chicago) generally exit into the departure hall, ...
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How people carry large dogs in the airplane cabin?

Airlines have clear rules about this type of thing. Depending on size and weight the animal can either go as Carry on in the cabin Fly in a crate in the cargo hold but on the same flights as you: ...
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American Airlines agents could not rebook in Etihad flight

what should be the course of action? If Etihad cancelled your reservation and refunded your ticket without charging a cancellation fee, you should re-book the trip and make sure to turn up for check-...
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Security at layover in Detroit on international flight

As a general rule, in most parts of the world, domestic arrivals deplane either directly into the departures hall, or into an area that allows direct access to the departures hall. ORD or MDW to DTW ...
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