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How long should I stay in Ireland when granted entry without a visa and my passport stamped “Visa Warning Given”?

I would contact the Immigration Department at Burgh Quay, Dublin and ask them to clarify how long you are allowed to stay in Ireland. Otherwise I think it’s just guesswork if no Irish time limit is ...
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UK transit with USA residence card initially issued before 21 April 1998

The US started to issue only green cards with enhanced security features, such as digital printing, optical stripe and holograms, in April 1998. Machine-readability had been introduced on previous ...
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Is a Chinese passport holder eligible for South Korea 30-day visa exemption?

The KETA has nothing to do with the 30-day exemption. It's the Korean equivalent of the ESTA and brethren, an authorization to fly to the country that issues it, for people who have visa-free access. ...
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Transiting in Frankfurt (Lufthansa) on US F1 visa with expiry date in the future but change of status approved to new visa

You are normally subject to holding an Airport Transit Visa, but by the virtue of holding a valid (if it is multi entry) visa or from coming back from the US, you are exempt from one they hold a ...
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