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Is getting transit visa for UK easier for Indians who already have a valid US visitor's visa

You probably don’t need a visa to transit via LHR if travelling to/from the US with a valid visa. The UK government’s “check if you need a visa” tool states, even in the case where you need to go ...
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Do i need transit visa for 2 hour layover Transit via (warsaw poland) to UK from Delhi?

If you have a single ticket/PNR : TIMATIC states : Visa required. TWOV (Transit Without Visa) Passengers transiting through Warsaw (WAW) and arriving from a non-Schengen Member State with a ...
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Does an Indian citizen need a transit visa for a layover in South Korea/Incheon?

If you're transiting through South Korea on the way to the United States, you don't need a visa provided you stay within the sterile area of the airport and leave within 24 hours. Per South Korea's ...
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