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How to choose an eSIM for China + Hong Kong?

I think is good! Last time I went on a trip to Hong Kong, I used Bytesim's ESIM and the internet speed was very fast. I communicated smoothly with their customer service through ...
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1-hour layover in Hong Kong

Every time I landed in HKG, my home airport, I saw airline staff (usually CX/KA, since that's what I normally fly with) with sign boards for various flights, usually a tight connection, right outside ...
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1-hour layover in Hong Kong

I went through this recently: 45 minutes between leaving one flight and getting on the other, with the same ticket. I was picked at the arrival gate by some staff, who walked me through the airport to ...
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Do I need roaming to use Octopus app on my smartphone?

This answer assumes one is opting for the tourist version of Octopus on iPhone and Apple Watch or Huawei Pay Octopus. According to the FAQ, an internet connection is not required to make a payment (i....
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