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This has happened to me multiple times with local cards as well so I doubt they target foreign cards. Every time the police have helped me rather swiftly, provided me with a copy of the case registered which I took to the bank who then changed the money for me without delay at all. But yes dealing with Chinese police can be frustrating and take a long ...


Put the first flight which takes you into China. You will have to pass through immigrations in order to get to the domestic gate for your second flight. You may also have to re-check your checked-in luggage as well. So you list the flight that brings you into China from abroad, you do not list the domestic flight as you do not need a visa for domestic ...


Ok, here is my actual experience: When checking in for departure I informed the agent (in the US) that I will be using the 144 hour transit visa. He then requested my onward ticket confirmation to leave China. Make sure it has the flight number, dates, and everything. He entered in all my information and I was set. Now, when I arrived in Beijing, make ...


The first flight, so the flight which define your port of entry (and times), in case they need to check you.


You said you used an credit card for this. Call the credit card issuer and ask to file a dispute. They will probably ask you what you've tried to resolve the dispute yourself, so be prepared to tell them about your unsuccessful attempt at involving the police.


Jin Jiang hotels or 168 are decent low priced hotels in China, there is also 268 and some others Jin Jiang have multiple brands all the way from very cheap to 5 star properties so that’s properly the best start for you to look


there is an app named 车来了 in china,it will tell you when will it comes and where it is.


Some countries requires travelers' passports to be valid on arrival, some that their passports be valid for a specific period after the time of expected travel. Conceivably, some countries might specify different time periods depending upon the nationality or country of residence of the traveler. Countries through which you transit to get to China may, in ...

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