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This is permitted. However, if you are required to speak to a border officer when you arrive, they may be concerned that you are intending to start your studies early. You should bring with you an itinerary for your travels, and your tickets to France. In general, proof of onward travel isn't required when entering the UK as a visitor, but in your case it ...


Yes. There’s nothing in the rules forbidding what you intend doing.


Yes you can stay with her without any issue. There's no reason why council housing would be relevant to the UKVI. The rules for non-visa visits are as follows: they must not work during their stay in the UK (although study is permitted as a 'student visitor'), with limited exceptions for authorized "permitted paid engagements" of up to one month ...


For a visa application, this would be complicated. If you were relying on her hospitality as a premise for the visa, you'd need to provide documentary evidence that her council is okay with her having boarders. However, since you're entering visa-free, you're not going to be subject to as exhaustive a check at the border as a visa process would be. If you ...

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