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Using a Pay As You Go SIM from your own country (UK), when there is a network offering a good roaming deal in the country you are visiting (Australia), is usually much easier from a logistics point of view. Australia seems to be a good example of this, as Three offers inclusive roaming there on its UK plans (including Pay As You Go):


I've successfully purchased a SIM card for Australia previously on eBay. I bought an Optus Prepaid SIM, which arrived to Czech Republic within 2 weeks of purchase in regular mail. You could probably get it even faster if you pay for premium shipping. I was able to activate and top it up with extra cash in Czech Republic and it worked immediately upon arrival ...


You can prepurchase SIMs for most countries including Australia and get them delivered to your home at Full disclosure: The site is run by a friend, but I have no financial interest except as a satisfied customer.

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