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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

It is VERY popular in Poland that you book accommodation directly with the landlord via email or a phone. Most of so called "private accommodation" (kwatery prywatne) are not listed on or ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

According to the wayback machine, the contact number for this site in 2013 was +48 666 111 001 which is the same as it is today. They were also renting out the place in 2013 and have the same photos. ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

At least the most telltale warning signs are missing. First, it contains Polish, German and English which is to be expected because Germans are one of the main tourists (and Masuria is really ...
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Krakow to Warsaw by train - is it scenic?

I travelled the opposite direction by train (fast train) recently and while I did spend part of the journey sleeping, I can say that I don't recall seeing anything spectacular outside the windows ...
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Is there any way to find out what happened to a post card sent from other country?

I used to do Postcrossing a lot a few years ago and I can tell you that the shipping times for unregistered mail are just plain unpredictable. Sometimes you can get a letter from the other end of the ...
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Expenditure in Poland - Forex Card doesn't have Złoty

Generally a Visa card can be expected to work for (almost) every currency in the world. If the currency of the transaction is different from the currency the card balance is kept in, the issuer will ...
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Krakow to Warsaw by train - is it scenic?

Traveled this route both by bus and by train, no big difference for me. Consider required level of comfort and the time/money you're ready to spend. Mostly you'll see flat land, villages. If you're ...
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UK visa refused. My passport has this barcode

This has nothing to do with your visa, this is stamped by NADRA (the issuing agency for Pakistani passports). You'll note, its the same as the booklet number (printed on the bottom right of the photo ...
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Krakow to Warsaw by train - is it scenic?

I'm Polish and that route is not scenic. But train ride should be faster. If its direct connection than it should take 2.5-3h. Which train ride exactly you were looking at? Koleje Mazowieckie? If you ...
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Can you walk from Lithuania to Poland through Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast)?

Those 3 checkpoints do not allow to cross the border on foot. Mamonovo/Gronowo and Nida/Morskoe have bus options. Mamonovo - it's better to take a bus in Elblag or Gdansk, could be too tricky to try ...
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How to set up a virtual payment card on a phone that a child can use abroad (Poland) to withdraw cash and pay in shops?

Some random thoughts: Do you have a credit card or debit card that she can borrow for the trip? Our kids have used our cards plenty when younger (with permission) without any problems. I'm also ...
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Travel between Germany and Poland by train

Wow. Interesting question, and one we don't get here very often. As a Polish citizen, you are allowed to enter Germany and Poland and to cross the border as often as you like. The problem is proving ...
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How can I tell if this Polish villa for rent is a scam?

I find it interesting that you consider "the bank transfer itself" to be a "Red Flag". In my opinion, that is the result of media attention on the bad instead of the good. To address your concern of ...
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How is the land border between Poland and the Ukraine?

Actually, this border is pretty painless to cross (especially for residents of 'rich' countries). You can find estimated waiting times here. If anything, the return could take more time (never ...
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How to read female clothing labels in Poland?

Women come in different shapes, some carry their weight well spread all over or do not carry extra weight, others carry more on the belly and waist area, those are the basic left of the chart. Some ...
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How to handle spending money for extended trip to Europe?

I travel for much longer durations than your planned trip. This is what I do in basically all countries: Have at least two cards that work on one or more of the Cirrus, Maestro, Mastercard, Plus, or ...
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Will I be allowed to board if my Schengen visa won't be valid when my flight departs?

The border guards will only care whether your visa is valid at the time you actually enter the Schengen area. It should not matter how long time you have been traveling by then to get there. There ...
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Bringing an Apple Airpod from Finland to Poland via flight

No, since Finland and Poland are both in the EU single market / customs union and there are no customs duties between members. You can use the blue channel on arriving in Poland, signifying to customs ...
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Krakow to Warsaw by train - is it scenic?

I am from Poland and i use to travel on this route. The best way to go from Krakow to Warsaw will be a high speed train called Express Intercity Premium. It goes up to 200 km/h (125 mph) - bus goes up ...
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Expenditure in Poland - Forex Card doesn't have Złoty

Assuming that card works like a standard Visa/Mastercard, it will work fine. Whenever I have used my (GBP) Mastercard in Poland, the card machine has asked if I want to pay in Złoty or convert to GBP (...
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Krakow to Warsaw by train - is it scenic?

I have taken PolskiBus from Krakow to Warsaw. It was somewhere between 5 to 6 hours. I took that bus early in the morning and I think just in the beginning there were some scenic areas. After that ...
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Will a 28-inch suitcase exceed the size limitation in Poland's trains?

Polish train carriages use a mix of open and compartment-style rolling stock. Generally, the open carriages have both overhead shelves and also shelves at the end of the carriages where you can put ...
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Public transport to the Brest-Hrodna visa free zone in Belarus

From the website of Brest's bus station, there is actually a bus direct from Terespol (PL) (Czerwonego Krzyża 1B) to Brest (BY) Four carriers, Markus, BOD-MAR, АгроТехмаксобслуживание and Раф-Бус ...
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Morning-after pill availability in Poland

From my understanding, the morning after pill is currently available without a prescription but that may soon change, due to the conservative government. If you check out the Gynopedia page on Warsaw (...
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Should gay people be careful when in Poland? If yes, to what extent?

I have two close Polish friends, who are homosexual. They live together for many years now, in a small-ish city. (Far smaller than Warsaw or Cracow) Form what they told me, the biggest problem with ...
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Are credit cards widely accepted in Warsaw?

As a citizen of Warsaw, I never carry cash around (and most young people don't), since card payments are accepted almost everywhere (as long as you use Visa or Mastercard), even in small stores, ...
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How can I get information about bus lines between towns within Poland?

Those two pages seem to be good (I've never used them myself, but they're showing many connections and you can even buy some tickets on-line): CheckMyBus e-podroznik (also showing trains) Between ...
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Why does this Polish night train have two different numbers?

According to the ticket availability informations on the PKP intercity page, seems to use two different train numbers for different sections of the train. When departing from ...
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Does the Chopin Airport in Warzaw Poland really have just one Terminal?

All “normal” commercial flights are in terminal A. There is also a small terminal for general aviation (f.e. private aircraft, air taxis, air ambulances...). Electrical outlets are type E (CEE 7/5). ...
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Canadian of Polish descent travel to Poland with Canadian passport

According to the Wikipedia article on Polish nationality law, "a child born to a Polish parent is automatically a Polish citizen at birth. It is irrelevant where the child is born." So your ...
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