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The threshold can't be determined to a particular number, because so much of it depends on your facts and circumstances, and what you show (and tell) CBP. And it's worse than that. It casts shade on the purpose for your visit, risking a refusal. What I'm about to say is unfair. For many of our HNQ visitors, it's shocking that the 4th and 5th Amendments ...


There is no 'safe' limit. The amount you can safely carry is the amount that you are prepared to lose.


First off, let's differentiate the two Civil Asset Forfeitures(CAFs): Police - This tends to be focused on people committing (or merely suspected of committing) smaller crimes (i.e you had illegal drugs on you) and having assets seized. The US Supreme Court recently limited actions like this, but they still occur with some frequency. Most of the CAF ...


You didn't give many details, so I'll make some assumptions: You're carrying less than 10,000 USD. (The threshold for filing FinCEN 105.) There is no other reason the US government would be suspicious of you. (You have a suitable reason for your trip, and you have no immigration violations, criminal record, involvement with drugs, etc.) If asked, you would ...


To balance other answers that focus on the risks of carrying cash, I would recommend that you should have a minimum of $300 cash when traveling internationally to the US. This should be enough to pay for a taxi, a few meals, a phone card, and a couple nights in a hotel in most US cities. You don't have to use the cash---you can use your credit card only, ...


All towns will have an ATM, though it may not be accessible 24/7. I would expect most restaurants and shops to accept cards, though small ones may not. It would be reasonable to expect to mostly use a card, but don't rely on it.


There is no such thing as a lower bound. Civil forfeiture laws and practices vary greatly from state to state. See, for example, It is certainly a rather unfair and frustrating practice of law enforcement, but on the other hand, it's not common either and the chance of ...


As many answers pointed out, there is no limit amount. But carrying $500 - $600 in cash would not in itself raise suspicion, if you are visiting as a tourist.


At a bank. There are at least two in the airport. Bank of Taiwan is government owned and gives a fair exchange rate, so if you are going to the airport, no need to stop by a bank elsewhere on the way.


I have never had a problem using my Schwab visa on websites for Renfe (Spanish trains) or airlines based in Spain, Turkey, and elsewhere. Nor for any hotels. Never tried SNCF. I did use it to buy a train ticket on which should also be able to book SNCF. Schwab is one of several banks that charges no exchange fee. They use whatever rate Visa ...


In terms of card acceptance in Europe I’d rank a few countries basically like so from most able to live just on a card to least: Tier 1: Sweden Tier 2: UK, other Nordics Tier 3: Germany, France Tier 4: Switzerland, Italy, Spain Corsica is France though in many ways more akin to Italy. In France to a large extent and particularly in Italy you’ll often find ...


Don't expect small villages shops to accept cards. Some of them yes, but especially for low amounts, shops' owners will not accept cards. ATMs are everywhere, and almost everywhere accessible 24/7.


If you have access to an airport where Virgin Atlantic flies, see if they will accept it. They have "Change for Children" appeal where they will accept pocket change in any currency on flights. I would try to call and speak to a manager first.


George Y.'s answer is very good, but I can provide more information: Indeed taxis and public transportation rely on cash (and make sure you also have smaller banknotes because they always claim not to have small banknotes to give back to a larger banknote). Also, a very recent Government ordinance virtually outlawed Uber's and Bolt's (Taxify) activity ...

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