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It is very common for that to happen, because the airline is required to verify that you really have what paperwork you claim to have - anybody could say he has such a card. No worries, at check-in, someone will look at your card, and you’ll get your boarding pass.


You need to go to Ryanair's check-in desk and show your reservation as well as your EU National Identity Card to get the real boarding pass. Ryanair will not issue boarding cards for extra-EU flights until they have verified that you have valid visa right to enter. but i see on the ticket that this is not a boarding card and i need a Visa I don't know ...


No. People have multiple addresses and sometimes companies pay for tickets for employees and the billing address will be different. The billing address is generally used for verification during the transaction which is why there is a separate set of fields for billing info. In some cases, you have a check-box or default when registering to make all addresses ...


Your Moroccan passport, togeather with your residence permit, is what you need to show. Note: An italian identity card, issued to non Italians, is only valid within Italy. Carta D'identita, issued to non Italians Note theNON VALIDA PER L'ESPATRIO (not valid for travel abroad)entry in the lower right corner area The residence permit card, togeather with ...

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