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Retroactive duty charged on reimportation of luxury purse to Canada

As for question 2, Canada says that "it is the individual's responsibility to establish that such items were initially taken out of Canada and were not acquired abroad." In short, they can suspect ...
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Forced to pay a customs fee for importing a used wedding dress into the Netherlands. Is there a way to avoid paying?

Regulation in this area can be rigid or feel unfair but neither the fact that the dress is used nor the fact you paid GST are relevant as such. As a resident of the Netherlands, you are definitely ...
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Forced to pay a customs fee for importing a used wedding dress into the Netherlands. Is there a way to avoid paying?

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. In The Netherlands, you can virtually always object ('in beroep gaan' / 'bezwaar aantekenen') against decisions made by government agencies. You need to make sure of the ...
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Bringing whale meat in to the EU

The EU has banned all imports of whale products since 1982. Penalties can include imprisonment and large fines. Poland explicitly prohibits import by travellers of products of CITES species (no ...
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Bring 200 boxes of slimming coffee to the US

The absolute maximum personal exemption for US customs is 1600 USD, per comments you're likely at the $800 level coming from the Philipines. The value of your coffee appears to exceed both levels. You'...
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Why do airlines usually ask you how much purchase you have made?

That is a landing card, or declaration card, on which travelers to Canada make an official customs declaration to the Canada Border Services Agency. There are English and French versions of this card. ...
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Buying goods online from Canada to EU is VAT free?

No, the CETA free trade agreement applies to duty/tarifs not VAT. VAT is consumer tax and when you are the final consumer, you must pay that tax. Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and ...
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Bring 200 boxes of slimming coffee to the US

You need to check the ingredient list very carefully. Some dieting products contain amphetamines or similar compounds that are restricted in the USA. Trying to import such products could get you in ...
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Bring 200 boxes of slimming coffee to the US

Regardless of whether you can, don't. There is no sense in carrying questionable things in large quantities on your person when you will be going through the scrutiny of immigration and customs. Send ...
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Does declaring items on customs necessarily imply taxes owed?

No. Declaring an item simply means telling the customs authorities that you have it. Whether or not you have to pay duty will depend on the particular laws of that country and the situation. For ...
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How much import tax on electronics is being enforced on personal laptops, smartphones and IPads in Thailand?

It's not enforced at all, and more importantly, it's not even applicable: as a tourist it's clear that you'll be exporting whatever you bring in, particularly if it's used. The regulations are there ...
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How much marmelade can I bring into the US?

As a general rule, cooked and/or pureed fruit is allowed into the US, however you WILL need to declare it. Failing to declare it, even if it is otherwise allowed, can carry a fine and given the ...
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Can I bring a few cans of meat into the EU? If so, how?

To make a long answer short: Don't. If you want to import meat into the EU from a country not covered by any of the exceptions (fresh, frozen or canned does not matter), the requirements are exactly ...
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Can I bring snake wine from Vietnam to Europe?

FYI, according to the information you can read in Carrying habushu (snake wine) from Japan to USA, it is not so easy to import alcohol with a snake to the U.S.: the main concern for bringing snake ...
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Am I banned from flying from Hamburg Airport for not paying custom duties?

You are most certainly not banned from flying into Hamburg airport specifically; if anything, you are banned from entering Germany as a whole. However, the relevant law to determine an entry ban or a ...
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Traveling to UK and have laptop gift for partner. Will I have to pay any import taxes?

As HMG's page on the subject says: Your duty-free allowance means you can bring in a certain amount of goods for your own use from outside the European Union (EU) without paying duty or tax. When ...
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Can we avoid paying import duty for a work laptop temporarily shipped to India via DHL?

Update: my partner got the laptop back from DHL via Customs in Kolkata, and did not have to pay anything. They were trying to scam us. Bagport UK helped clarify that the laptop was personal effects, ...
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How many phones can I take to Ukraine?

As personal belongings, which are exempt from duties and declaration, you can have up to TWO cell phones per person (article 370 there). Declaration and formal duty and VAT payment in most cases make ...
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In Transit - Value of Goods

Exactly. If you're not leaving anything in the US, $0 is the value of the goods remaining the US (because there aren't any). If you aren't sure about something on the form, you can always ask the ...
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What are the restrictions regarding bringing back items into the United States, bought in India?

Straight from the source: U.S. Customs and Border Protection Duty Free Exemptions If you are a U.S. resident returning from a foreign country with goods acquired abroad in your possession after ...
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Travelling with expensive jewelries gift from my princess employer

Per Philippine customs regulations, returning contract workers who have been overseas for over 6 months can bring back "used personal effects up to value of PHP 10,000.-" duty free. Since this is only ...
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How do Customs determine the value of imported items from the US to the EU?

Usually you can't get "the exact same item" in the EU. An iPad sold under US law would have different warranty conditions than one sold under EU law, even if it is physically the same hardware. If ...
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Will Customs in India figure out that I have two laptops?

Can I take a laptop in my carry-on luggage and another laptop in my checked baggage, so that I don't have to pay customs duty for either of the laptops? No The duty free allowances are per person, ...
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Bringing used computers/phones from USA to Romania as gifts

There are two different types of taxes on imports: duties (also called tariffs) and VAT (the equivalent of sales tax, though the rules can be quite different from those in the US). Duties are the real ...
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Leave Georgia (Sakartvelo) without motorcycle

Okay, so I can answer my own question. It seems that it's difficult to get any information about customs even when you're in the country. The lowdown is this: like @Johnnyjanko said, your vehicle has ...
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Are import duties the same when travelling by plane or sending by mail?

Information on import duties for purchase of items outside the EU are available here. And a calculator is available here. You are liable for import taxes according to the rules here. Presuming the ...
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