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Can I eat only a crème brûlée in Paris?

Except for upper class restaurants serving only fixed multi-course menus, I have never (neither in France nor anywhere else) experienced a restaurant, where you could not order only a part of what is ...
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Can I accidentally miss the in-flight food?

A senior cabin crew member here. There's nothing to worry about, we ought to wake passengers up during meal services, for both service and safety reasons: Service: So no one misses the meal, then ...
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Is standing actually illegal in Venice?

No, standing is not illegal in Venice. I think the quote got lost in translation. The Italian version says: È proibito comunque sostare per consumare cibi o bevande ad esclusione delle aree in ...
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Can I safely eat whatever goes through the x-ray machine?

Is it safe to eat food, drink beverages, use medicine, or apply cosmetics if any of these products have gone through a cabinet x-ray system? There are no known adverse effects from eating food, ...
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How to make dining alone less awkward?

Dining alone is only awkward for you (that is, it's an internal thing). It doesn't bother any of the restaurant staff, and it doesn't bother any of the other customers. So, you have to figure out what ...
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Is it rude to ask if the food contains pork or alcohol?

As a white, Christian, American person I can definitely say that nobody would (perhaps should) be offended by your dietary restrictions. I have a number of friends who are vegetarians for no reason ...
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What is way to eat rice with hands in front of westerners such that it doesn't appear to be yucky?

Do you have some kind of roti or some kind of flat bread that can go with the rice? People may be less edgy if they think of it as eating taco or burritos by hand. It might come down to whom you're ...
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Is there a hawker stall selling local food in walking distance from Changi airport?

Yes: more specifically, the staff canteens at the airport are open to the public, serving authentic and tasty Singaporean fare at rock-bottom prices! Despite the name "canteen", these are mini-hawker ...
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Is it offensive to the chef/host to finish all food on your plate in Italy?

I would say it's the other way around. Italian chefs don't like to see leftovers on the plate as it could signal that you didn't like the food. Once, in a local bar in which I have lunch every day, I ...
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What street foods can I eat in Italy?

Main Courses Pizza al Trancio The single best street food that you can have in Italy is pizza al trancio i.e. a slice of pizza on the go. It doesn't get more typical and local than this. You find ...
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Is it rude to tell the ice cream man in Istanbul not to mess with me?

It'd be like going to a comedy show and telling the comedian off for making jokes at the audience. If it's expected and part of the 'show' or experience, it's what he does for a living, enjoys doing ...
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Is it rude to tell the ice cream man in Istanbul not to mess with me?

Simple You don't buy it Let's just analyse this for a bit shall we? You're not paying for the ice cream, you're paying for the experience. If you like ice cream but don't like entertainment or '...
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Should I declare chocolate as "food" when entering the US?

Yes, according to US CBP officers, you should declare it as food. I bring chocolate every time I fly from Europe. Generally what happens next is they ask what exactly you are bringing, you say "...
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Is it rude to bring bottled water into a restaurant in Germany?

they can exploit it in their favor Everything in restaurants¹ is more expensive than the pure cost to acquire or produce it. This is how the waiting staff and location is paid. The only difference in ...
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How can I avoid ordering multiple bottles of water at a restaurant?

In France it is required by law to provide tap water to a customer, for free. It is very common and acceptable to ask for tap water in a pitcher in a restaurant. Don't hesitate to ask for a refill.
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Can I eat only a crème brûlée in Paris?

You're overthinking it. We're french, weird but not that much. Just walk in any restaurant, order anything you'd like, would it be just appetizers or a dessert, pay your bill and walk out. I would be ...
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Can I safely eat whatever goes through the x-ray machine?

There is radiation that can only heat, radiation that can additionally ionize, and radiation that can actually make stuff radioactive. XRays are the second kind, ionizing radiation, meaning they ...
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Received gestures in UK pubs: pint versus half-pint

I have spent most of my life living somewhere inside the M25 (and a good fraction of that inside various pubs) and I have to say that I've never heard of any of these gestures. I don't mean that you ...
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Why don't hotels offer (at least) 1 kitchen bookable by any guest?

The premise of this question is flawed. A hotel room is pretty much defined as a place to sleep, and not much else. Once you add in a kitchen, you've moved from "hotel room" to serviced apartment (...
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What is way to eat rice with hands in front of westerners such that it doesn't appear to be yucky?

A bit of open mindness will not kill you, the same open mindness you'd like to receive from other people who you think find your habits disgusting. Follow me: First and foremost, you can eat the way ...
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Is it rude to ask if the food contains pork or alcohol?

Not rude here in the UK, or anywhere in the western world so far as I'm aware. It is polite, though, to tell your host at an early enough opportunity that they haven't already bought the ingredients ...
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What kind of things can you take from a hotel?

Taking Complimentaries Home I would say that it all boils down to how cheap you want to look, in the eyes of the hotel management. If you don't care, and probably you shouldn't, then there are some ...
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Why are airline meal portions so small?

They aren't! You are typically going to be sitting down and getting very limited exercise. On a long haul flight of 12 hours, based on a 2000 kcal/day requirement, the average person will burn in and ...
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How much is "half" in Scotland

As this other answer correctly says, the "Half" means indeed half pint. As for the weird pricing, they changed the menu, and got some mistakes while doing it. This is the previous menu, with ...
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Would it be ok to eat rice using a spoon in front of Westerners?

It depends on how you define "western countries", but if you think of Western Europe + UK + US/Canada, please rest assured that nobody would care whether you use sticks, fork, spoon or hands (well, ...
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What Exactly is Self-Catering?

Self-catering is a widely used term. It implies 1) that meals are not provided, but also 2) enough equipment is provided for guests to cook their own meals. Exactly what equipment is provided can ...
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How to find better food in airports

If online resources aren't doing the job as you said, then the only logical solution is to find an employee who seems to be friendly, and ask them! Employees know better, perhaps they even know some ...
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How should I tip if the food is good but the service from the waiter/waitress is terrible in the USA?

Tipping is for the service, the menu price is for the food. If the service is bad, leave a small tip. This will show the wait person that you didn't forget to tip, but felt that their service was ...
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