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At Dublin airport, is preclearance available for flights to Canada, or just to the USA?

Preclearance is for flights to the US, for all passengers on those flights. It is not guaranteed to be available for all flights to the US, but it seems to be for most. There is no preclearance for ...
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What does "admit until date" on I-94 mean?

Yes. The Admit Until Date is the date that the traveler’s immigration status in the US expires. Source: CBP fact sheet I-94 expiration dates
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Bulgarian citizens travelling to Canada through USA airport. Do they need a transit visa?

All passengers traveling through the US will go through passport control in the US, and will need appropriate paperwork: Either be a US citizen or US permanent resident For citizens of countries ...
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Do I need a Japan transit visa?

I'm not an immigration lawyer nor expert on Japanese nor Indian visa policies, but: India is not on the list of visa exempt countries. HND to NRT is anything but a sterile airside transfer, you very ...
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