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Converting a comment to an answer after positive feedback... I have just asked a friend of mine who flew KLM to the US a couple of days ago, and her reply was that they were strict on both hold and carryon baggage weights, so it does not look like KLM are relaxing restrictions at this time.


Luggage or not, you're unlikely to get on the plane to Istanbul. Luggage is one aspect; the second one is that, if your connection goes awry for whatever reason, you're not "insured" and will be stuck in Istanbul. Unless you pay for a new onward ticket, Saudia would then have to return you to Saudi, a situation they want to avoid at all costs. This is why ...


As you have booked connecting flights (they're on the same ticket/booking), given your itineraries, you will be checked through to your destination: At the point of departure, your bags will be tagged with the final destination. You will not see them again until you reach it. You will probably be issued boarding passes for both flights. In some cases, they ...


Most airports of the world have one or more international transit areas which are completely separated from domestic flights, and in which passengers connecting via that airport from and to other countries do not need to pass immigration and formally enter that country. If your flights are on a single booking, then your checked baggage will be transferred ...

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