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Are gate-checked bags screened for items not allowed in the hold?

Yes, in general when you agree to gate-check your roll-a-board, they are supposed to ask if you have any vital medications, id, any electronics, and so on, and get you to remove them and squeeze them ...
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Why was the "piece concept" of baggage applied on an Australia-Japan flight?

As mentioned in a comment, this seems to be ANA regular luggage allowance, not something specific to this flight or the way you booked your ticket. I thought airlines in Europe actually combined both ...
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How can I check in an extra bag on an Etihad flight operated by American Airlines?

Yes, you'll be able to check the extra bag. Ordinarily there should be no fee for this, as long as it's actually a connecting flight (i.e. with only a few hours between one flight landing and the next ...
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