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Questions tagged [airline-alliances]

For questions covering more than one of the world's airline alliances, those being "oneworld", "Star Alliance", and "SkyTeam".

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How TAP airlines counts miles from a partner airline

The following flight has 4 different options for how much money to pay: I assume that "10% TAP Miles&Go Miles" means that a 1000 mile flight would only result in 100 miles being added to your TAP ...
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Can I collect miles from one alliance if the operating carrier is in another alliance?

Mostly when collecting miles with legacy carriers in one of the big three alliances, things are very clear: if the operating carrier is in the alliance, the marketing carrier and ticketing carrier ...
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Will I be issued all my Boarding Passes at the Airport from GOL and KLM?

I am currently in Montevideo and will be returning back to Germany tomorrow. The Flight between Montevideo to Sao Paolo is operated by GOL Linheas Aereas and from Sao Paolo to Amsterdam is by KLM. ...
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What airline/airline alliance for frequent travel between KTM and various airports in the US [closed]

I'll be flying frequently between KTM, GVA and the US (primarily IAD/DCA and BOS but possibly some SFO/OAK/SJC) and then also some domestic travel in the US. I'd like to stick with one airline/...
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How to search for flights for a route staying within in an alliance?

@LemuelGuliver had an IMO great question lurking in -- how can you search for flights staying within an alliance? His ...
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Sum miles in only one miles program

I'm a member of the Executive Club of BA. I'd like to understand if I can earn and put together miles form flights of other companies of the One World alliance. For instance, assume that I have 1000 ...
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Ticket meta-search engine with alliance filter?

Is there a ticket meta-search engine? E.g. Skyscanner has a filter that can remove or keep the airline brands. (Un-)checkboxing them one by one is irritating. But is there one where I can just (un-)...
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How can I use flight alliance websites to book multipart flights? [duplicate]

I am trying outsmart these tragic systems designed in hell knows when. I managed to nail this last year, but this year Lufthansa seems to killed it. Allow me to explain. I have to get pretty much all ...
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What's with the Star Alliance / SkyTeam decal planes?

On Saturday I was at YVR airport and saw what I've seen a few times before: a plane painted with a Star Alliance decal. No "Air New Zealand" or "Air Canada" or whatever, JUST Star Alliance. Then this ...
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Is there a North American Air Travel Pass?

A friend mentioned last night that a friend of theirs was trying to find out about some sort of North American air pass - they believed with Star Alliance. Are there air passes like this - that offer ...
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