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The capital and the largest metropolitan city of Nepal.

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How long to leave Kathmandu airport

It is my first time flying abroad, and I will actually be doing it alone. I am flying to and from Adelaide (Australia) to Kathmandu. I have a question on how long it takes to "leave" Kathmandu ...
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As a Nepali Passport holder, do I need a visa to travel to Jeju Island?

I am planning to visit Jeju island for a week in April 2019. Do I need a visa to travel there?
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Is the Nepal Tourism Board in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu, open on Saturdays?

I need to get a TIMS card from the Nepal Tourism Board on Saturday. But I am getting conflicting information. On the official site I have found: TIMS Counter office hours at Tourist Service Center, ...
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Onward ticket for boarding a flight to Kathmandu?

Does anyone know whether a proof of onward travel is required for entering Kathmandu by plane (from India for Europeans)?
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What airline/airline alliance for frequent travel between KTM and various airports in the US [closed]

I'll be flying frequently between KTM, GVA and the US (primarily IAD/DCA and BOS but possibly some SFO/OAK/SJC) and then also some domestic travel in the US. I'd like to stick with one airline/...
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Is it possible to go overland from Yangon to Kathmandu?

How can I get to Kathmandu from Myanmar using land transport?
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Is the road from Delhi to Nepal Safe?

Recently a new bus service was launched from Delhi to Nepal directly. I was just wondering how the roads were? I remember going to Nepal about 20 years ago, I was very young but do recall staying ...
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Visiting Kathmandu, stay in Themel or Nagarkot? [closed]

I am visiting Kathmandu in October and wondering if I should stay in Themel or Nagarkot. Themel is more touristy and has more hotels. Nagarkot is a bit far, but is more unspoiled. I would prefer to ...
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Skiing near Katmandu, Nepal

I will be travelling to Kathmandu (and onwards to Pokhara). Is there some place where we can go for skiing which is drivable distance from these cities?
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Vaccination for Nepal

I'm intending to go to Nepal (specifically Kathmandu and Pokhara) for 19 days trip, starting on 4th of April. After some research I've found that it's common to take vaccinations for Hepatitus A and ...
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Explain this interaction between a traveller, a boy and a bag of bread in Nepal? [closed]

I aimlessly bumped into a youtube video. A traveller in Nepal seemed to call the poor little boy hiding behind a post an idiot? I don't understand what has happened between them? Is it a local scam or ...
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How to get from Delhi to Kathmandu overland?

I am going to Nepal and probably, same as everyone, through Delhi. I was considering going overland from Delhi to Kathmandu, however I have found many posts that advise against it in favor of a flight....
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