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Areas with ongoing or past wars/skirmishes

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Where can I find reliable and up-to-date information about ongoing curfews in Myanmar?

There are (were?) some curfews in Myanmar due to the Myanmar civil war that started in 2021. When I Google "curfews in Myanmar", I see many results, but these are typically old news articles....
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2 answers

A detailed map of the landmine situation in Bosnia

I am walking through Bosnia and will benefit from knowing where I can camp when necessary and not risk stepping on a mine whilst off the path. Is there a detailed map of the mine situation in Bosnia ...
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Travel to Saudi Arabia

I am currently booked to travel to Dammam in Saudi Arabia, next door to the Persian Gulf and across the water from Iran, this Friday. I am greatly concerned by the developments in Iran and Iraq over ...
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Can one visit Israel with a Lebanese passport only?

Asking for a friend. He does not hold any dual citizenship and only has a Lebanese passport. I am well aware of the diplomatic tensions these two countries hold but I was under the impression Israel ...
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2 answers

How can I get notifications of a nuclear attack on Japan?

According to North Korean missile flies over Japan, the Japanese government sends emergency alerts to mobile phones if there's a suspected nuclear attack. How can I receive such notifications while I'...
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How to enter from Russia to Abkhazia?

I have a multiple entry visa for Russia. Please, could you tell me how I can cross from Russia to Abkhazia and then back again to Russia, without the Russians stamping the passport?
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13 votes
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What would I need to do in order to visit the Gaza Strip?

The political situation in the Gaza Strip does not make it a very desired vacation spot, but lets assume one has a burning desire to go and spend some time as a visitor in Gaza. What hurdles, visas, ...
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Identify a WWII-time building in Belgium

Can someone help me identify a building in the background of this old photo (or at least a geographic location of this place, if this building does not exist anymore): All I know, is that this ...
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What are the known potential safety issues flying with Ukranian Airlines AMS-KBP-TLV? [closed]

I'm noticing Ukrainian Airlines has some very low fares relative to other airlines for a trip I need to make (AMS to TLV and back). It's a bit of a detour, but for about $200 instead of $300 it looks ...
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How to figure if it is safe to travel to the area I am interested in?

When planning a trip, I like to make sure I will feel safe enough (I am talking about war/terrorism risk, not pickpockets), or at least I like to have an idea about the risks. I know the risk could be ...
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2 answers

Which parts of Southern Thailand are safe from violence?

I'm planning to travel by land from Langkawi to Ko Samui (which would include ferry to Satun, bus to Hat Yai and train to Surat Thani), but in Thai Railway Guide (effective 24th May 2014) we can read ...
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1 answer

Can you safely travel the silk route?

Looking at Marco polo's silk route Noticing it goes through Syria, Israel, and Afghanistan, I was wondering if there is the possibility to travel the silk road like Marco Polo, by avoiding war zones.
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31 votes
6 answers

Is it safe for a commercial flight to have Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan on its flight route?

This September I will have a flight from Qatar (Doha) to Japan (Haneda) with Qatar Airways on the very new route code QR810. By checking its flight route I've noticed that it flies over south Iran, ...
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Travel to Turkey, How to Insure travel in case of Travel Advisory and Escalation

I'm a US citizen, Planning a trip to Turkey (Flight into Istanbul, travel on both the european and middle eastern half), leaving October 15th. There is currently a State Department travel advisory on ...
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3 answers

Is travelling to the West Bank safe?

I am currently signed up for a trip to Israel and am planning an extension to visit the West Bank, probably Jerusalem, Ramallah, and Bethlehem. Given that Israel recently bombed Syria and Hezbollah is ...
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10 votes
3 answers

What's the travel insurance definition of a war zone?

Some travel insurance companies have clauses stating that they won't insure travel to a war zone. What's their definition of this? The best I could find was Wiki's list of ongoing military ...
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Planning to travel to Israel, what happens if Israel declares war on Iran?

I'm planning my second trip to Israel (being there Sep/2011), to visit my girlfriend's relatives again in February 2013 and stay a month there. This time we are planning to go with four people and we ...
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Is all of Afghanistan dangerous for travellers?

Recently I have read a few travel books to get some inspiration for the next long summer journey. I was especially reading Lonely Planet travel guides. I was a little bit surprised that they very ...
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Are some parts of Iraq currently possible to visit for the brave, adventurous, and open-minded traveller?

OK I know Iraq is utterly totally off the vast majority of people's itineraries for the immediate future. But I am pretty sure I have heard of some extreme adventurous types going there and following ...
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Is it possible for a tourist to visit South Ossetia?

South Ossetia is a rebel provice of the Republic of Georgia recognized and supported by Russia as an independent state since 2008 but recognized by most countries in the world as part of the Republic ...
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Is it safe to travel to Socotra, Yemen?

I have been wanting to travel to Socotra, Yemen to see the dragonblood trees and bizarrely beautiful landscapes for a while now, but given the current instability in the rest of Yemen, is it advisable?...
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