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A partially recognized country in the Caucasus

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Visiting Abkhazia from Georgia 2023

I travel on a passport from an EU country, and I would like to visit Abkhazia from Georgia in March this year. Is that still possible, and is it safe?
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Where and how does one get a COVID-19 PCR test in Abkhazia? [closed]

Several online articles from late April 2021 (such as this one) indicate that travellers re-entering Russia from Abkhazia must present a negative result from a COVID-19 PCR test. Assuming that this ...
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How to enter from Russia to Abkhazia?

I have a multiple entry visa for Russia. Please, could you tell me how I can cross from Russia to Abkhazia and then back again to Russia, without the Russians stamping the passport?
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Can I travel to Abkhazia on a Russian visa?

I am a German citizen currently living in Russia on a multi-entry study visa. Is it possible to travel from Adler to Abkhazia by car (border crossing would be Adler/Psou and proceed to Georgia (at ...
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Does Abkhazia have sandy beaches, or just pebbles like in Georgia?

A few years ago during a prolonged visit to Georgia I ventured to the most northern beach it was possible to visit, Anaklia, in search of sand. The beach in Anaklia was pretty dirty and not really ...
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How to obtain a tourist visa for Abkhazia?

I would like to visit the disputed region of Abkhazia. Where and how can I obtain a visa? Can I do it at the Georgia-Abkhazia border, or the Russia-Abkhazia border?
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What is the correct way of visiting Abkhazia without violating Georgian laws?

Abkhazia is a partially recognized state that forms a part of Georgia. I would like to visit both Abkhazia and Georgia on a single trip. What is the right sequence (if any) of doing so? For example I'...
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