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South Ossetia, officially the Republic of South Ossetia–the State of Alania, is a self-proclaimed republic in the South Caucasus that has broken away from Georgia.

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South Ossetia visa [closed]

I would like to visit south Ossetia and north Ossetia. I will be arriving in Georgia first .. What is easy way to get Ossetia Visa ? and how i suppose to get in ossetia from Georgia (train ? taxi) I'...
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Can you enter South Ossetia from Georgia?

As the title says, is it possible to enter South Ossetia from Georgia or do you have to enter from Russia? Btw, I'm from Denmark if that matters.
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Crossing into South Ossetia (Tskhinvali) from Gori

I've been reading various conflicting information about visiting Tskhinvali. Are there buses or marshrutkas leaving Gori going into Tskhinvali? Would I have to get permission from the Ministry of ...
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Is it possible for a tourist to visit South Ossetia?

South Ossetia is a rebel provice of the Republic of Georgia recognized and supported by Russia as an independent state since 2008 but recognized by most countries in the world as part of the Republic ...
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