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The Lebanese Republic / الجمهورية اللبنانية‎ / Al-Jumhūrīyah Al-Loubnānīyah / République libanaise, a country at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Is it possible to withdraw LBP using Revolut in Lebanon?

I'm planning to travel to Lebanon in next couple of months. From what I read on Internet, cash is the only trusted mean of payment. However, I checked Revolut rates (I own the card) and it appears ...
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Is Cyprus visible from Lebanon? [duplicate]

I have always wondered if Cyprus is visible from Lebanon since I hear our elderly say the following, As I got older and started to spend more time in Hiking & Camping activities for the past ...
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Should I bring US passport to Lebanon for 2 week travel

I have both a Canadian, and US passport. I am travelling to Lebanon (Beirut, but visiting some other places) in August. I plan on entering using my Canadian passport, but is there a good reason to ...
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Current (2020) money exchange in Lebanon for tourists [closed]

The official exchange rate is at 1 USD:1500 Lebanon Pound, however it seems the current street rate is at 1:6000 due to the recent situations (protest, covid, explosion, etc...). I have a trip booked ...
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Lebanon - Visa on arrival requirements

My girlfriend is coming from Lithuania to Lebanon in a week, now I'm reading everywhere that Lithuanian citizens can get a "Visa on Arrival" while they are at the Lebanese Airport. One of the ...
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Can I travel to Dublin with a Permanent Residence Card ( issued from ITALY)?

I am a Lebanese citizin, living in italy for the past 6 years. I hold Lebanese passport and Italian permanent residence card. Can i go to Dublin for few days without a visa?
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22 votes
3 answers

Can one visit Israel with a Lebanese passport only?

Asking for a friend. He does not hold any dual citizenship and only has a Lebanese passport. I am well aware of the diplomatic tensions these two countries hold but I was under the impression Israel ...
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Can I go inside Lebanon during a long transit?

I have a flight from Dubai to Cairo with more than 9 hours transit in Lebanon with MEA airlines. Can I go out and discover the country during that time (getting a temporary visa) or should I remain in ...
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Ferry to Lebanon?

This company used to offer ferry connections between Turkey and Lebanon. But, it's not possible to book a crossing with them. Is there any company currently offering ferry crossings to Lebanon? From ...
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How to travel to Lebanon without flying?

I would like to travel to Lebanon this October and prefer not to fly, mainly for ecological reasons. Which options do I have? Starting point would be nearly anywhere in Europe. Driving myself is not ...
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Transit visa in Serbia

I am a Syrian citizen living in France and I have a long time residence permit there. I want to fly to Lebanon with one hour transit in Belgrade airport in Serbia. Do I need transit visa?
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Public transportation to Sir El Danniyeh

Is there any public transportation from Beirut or Tripoli to Sir El Danniyeh? And if yes, how can a Westerner with no knowledge of Lebanese find the (presumably) bus?
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9 votes
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Exporting a queen bee from Australia to Beirut

I live in Sydney. My cousin who is a hobbyist bee keeper asked me to get him an Australian queen bee. I know that Australian laws are very strict on what to get into the country but how about ...
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Can I be refused entry due to my place of birth?

Usually entry requirements are based on country of citizenship, but is it at all possible to be denied entry if you were born in a country in conflict with your travel destination ? This is a ...
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Can I see Lebanon from Cyprus?

On the map, Cyprus seems not to far away from Lebanon. Approximately 100 kilometers. Is it possible to see parts of Lebanon from anywhere in Cyprus?
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