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Strategic selection of a consulate to apply for a visa based on perceived or real differences in visa refusal rates, varying document requirements, and the availability of visa application slots. Also known as “consulate shopping”. Most commonly used in the context of Schengen visa applications.

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Why do Schengen consulates care about "visa shopping"?

In theory, visa applications are supposed to be about one thing and one thing only: evaluating the likelihood of a given person returning to their home country after their trip is over. Thus it ...
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Refused twice a tourist visa for Finland and Estonia. Can I apply again for Poland?

The information submitted regarding justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable. I am staying in Egypt and have a work permit, and my husband is working too. ...
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Schengen Visa: if the main destination consulate can't process the application in time, can you apply to other countries?

I know that for visiting multiple Schengen countries, I'm supposed to apply to the country I'm spending more time in or the country of first entrance if I'd spend equal time in the countries. However, ...
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What are the consequences of changing Schengen itineraries?

I had a Schengen visa issued by France but did not visit France; instead, I visited Norway. I was under the impression that holding a Schengen visa from any member country allows travel to any country ...
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Schengen visa annullation while inside Schengen

I'm an EU citizen (Italy), my fiancee got a Schengen tourist visa (for country B) valid for 14 days (she's not resident in the same country as me). We plan to marry very soon (in the next month, we ...
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My Schengen visa got revoked mid-trip, what should I do?

Originally, I was planning to do a trip to Switzerland (entry) and then travel to Slovenia. Slovenia was going to be my main destination so I got the visa from them. But just a day before the trip, I ...
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Visa annulment or revocation - spending more days in another Schengen state than the issuing state

Good day everyone, My wife and I applied and got a tourist Schengen visa (type C) to Hungary. We entered and exited from Hungary respecting time frames. When we came back, we were requested to provide ...
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Traveling to Prague with a Hungary Schengen Visa

I am an Indian student in Dublin, Ireland. I have planned a 10-day trip to Prague but was unable to secure an appointment with the Czech Republic Agency. Therefore, I decided to include a few days in ...
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Schengen Visa for Italy

I am planning a trip to Italy from 2nd May to 11th May from Dublin. I have booked my flights and hotels and I have all Schengen visa related documents ready with me. However, when I tried to check ...
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Entering Greece on Italian Schengen visa

While I understand this question might be seen as a duplicate, I still need to ask it. I have planned a trip to Greece this June. After booking tickets and hotels (all non-refundable), I realized that ...
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Schengen visa appointments not available for 3 months. What are my options?

I am planning to travel to Europe in two months. However, I could not find any appointment for a Schengen C visa for the next two and a half months. Is there any way around this? What's the ...
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Change of Schengen visa destination

I obtained a Schengen visa through the Spanish embassy, indicating that Spain would be my main destination. However, my itinerary has changed. Now, I will be spending 2 days in Spain, with Spain as my ...
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What are the options when a Schengen visa application is in processing after the proposed travel date?

My friend has applied for a Schengen visa from the Hungarian Embassy. At the first try the visa was rejected due to insufficient travel insurance. When he re-applied again on the 14th June, the visa ...
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