Originally, I was planning to do a trip to Switzerland (entry) and then travel to Slovenia. Slovenia was going to be my main destination so I got the visa from them. But just a day before the trip, I decided that it’s not worth the trip to go to Slovenia since it was a long train ride from Zurich.

I did disclose this during the entry in Zurich to the immigration officer and he seemed fine with the change and had no issue getting the entry stamp. I thought this would suffice. Little did I know. Slovenia embassy apparently learnt about this change and sent me an email saying they have revoked my visa mid-trip and I’m expected to leave the Schengen zone immediately.

My trip is of 10 days and I’m now into my 6th day when I received this letter. It’s not going to be easy to change my return flight now. What should I do? What happens if I continue my trip and leave 4 days after revokation? What is the penalty of my whole dibacle? Admittedly I didn’t take this change of plans too seriously. I’m hoping I don’t have to pay the price too much

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    Are you cough really sure you got that email? Emails go missing all the time.
    – Fattie
    May 26 at 16:22
  • That’s one way to put it ;) I still wonder what’s the penalty in future, if I apply for Schengen again
    – WengenBoy
    May 26 at 16:32
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    Visa is used to grant entry, visa on its own means nothing for your stay. If the visa is revoked you cannot enter, it doesn't mean you have to leave
    – littleadv
    May 26 at 21:28
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    @littleadv That's true for the US (where visa doesn't necessarily equate to status, but it may not be true everywhere. May 27 at 6:33
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    I tried that, but had no luck. Slovenian embassy was pretty adamant. My original hotel in Slovenia reported them when I cancelled my booking. Anyway, I exited Switzerland without any issue. They didn't even mention anything on the exit. I'm not sure what the repurcurssions would be now, if I apply for Schengen again. Does anyone know?
    – WengenBoy
    Jun 2 at 16:42


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