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What are the consequences of changing Schengen itineraries?

I had a Schengen visa issued by France. I didn’t visit France and I did visit Norway. I was told I can visit any country if I do have a Schengen visa issued from any country. (This is against visa ...
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Schengen Visa Validity

When a Schengen visa is for Single entry, can you go from eg France to Germany and back to France, or you can only enter each country once?
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When booking a train when the clock is set back by one hour due to the daylight saving time, how can I know when the train is scheduled to depart? [duplicate]

E.g., in the US, PT time zone, on Sunday, November 6, 2022, 2:00:00 am PT, the clock was reset to Sunday, November 6, 2022, 1:00:00 am PT. If I book a train ticket scheduled to depart on November 6, ...
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Would an airline be willing to let me board a similar flight that leaves a few hours earlier, if I ask at the airport a few hours before the flight?

This situation happened to me, but hopefully I can use the answer for future situations. I was at the airport and was supposed to fly Wizz Air TLV to LGW at 22:10
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Alternative ways to reschedule AirAsia booking

I booked a direct AirAsia flight (AK) between DMK and BKI on itself. When trying to reschedule, the picker cannot find any direct flights after a certain date (14 days after the flight ...
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Can I change port of exit after Schengen Visa issuance?

I have received my Type C Multiple entry visa from Slovenia, for a month, in my itinerary I mentioned I will leave Schengen area for Turkey,on 17th Day, from Krakow. Since, I have a month Visa, now I ...
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Why does KLM offer this specific combination of flights (GRU -> AMS -> POZ) just on one day when there's a time change?

I wanted to fly KLM from São Paulo - Guarulhos to Poznań with KLM through Amsterdam. They offer this connection only on one day, 29th of October. Both connections run every day though so it does not ...
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Extending Domestic Reservation in the US [closed]

Suppose a passenger is in the USA and has booked a round trip reservation leaving from New York City to Miami. Here are some notes: He is leaving New York City on July 5. He is coming back from Miami ...
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Can an airline move a flight time up 2 hours with three days notice?

I rode a commuter flight on Boutique Air to BWI to catch a cross country flight to LA. Three days before I was to return, I got a notice that my flight back from BWI to AOO (Altoona-Blair County) was ...
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How can I object to the changes made to my flights?

I bought tickets on Kayak for a flight from Portland to Johannesburg leaving on the 25th of this month. I went to check on my flight a few days later and found out that part of my trip had been ...
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Changing return leg only on a return flight

For my specific itinerary with United Airlines, one-way flight from A->B is 900$, and a return flight A->B->A is 1350$. They are offering free changes right now
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Flight moved by 24 hours 9 days before departure. What happend? What are my options?

I booked a flight from Vienna to Tokyo through Helsinki on the 10th of December. The flight was supposed to leave on the 21st of December, but has been moved to the 22nd. I was informed of this on the ...
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United changed my nonstop to a two-legged itinerary. What's my recourse?

I bought a nonstop international ticket (UA896 returning on UA895, Asia to the USA) on United Airlines through their web site. When I arrived at the airport, they put me on a flight to SFO and gave me ...
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Flight to a different airport from the one booked

I flew from the Boston to London yesterday. As originally booked, flight was VS158, BOS-LHR, operated by Virgin Atlantic, booked directly with Virgin Atlantic. Due to the planned strike in Heathrow, ...
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