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For questions about traveling to Kiev (Kyiv, Kijów), the capital and largest city of Ukraine, located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River.

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Are restaurants, clubs and attractions open in Kyiv these days? [closed]

During the 10-20 of March, 2021, are restaurants, clubs and other attractions supposed to be open without significant restrictions?
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Do I need a transit visa for Ukraine for a layover of 22 hours?

I am an Indian passport holder travelling to Berlin (TXL) from New Delhi (DEL). I am going through Ukrainian International Airlines which has a layover of 22 hours in Kiev (IEV). My question is, do ...
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How to deal with racism at airport/airlines (Ukraine Airlines)?

In my last visit to an east European country with Ukraine Airlines (using 4 different flights - back and forth) they have asked me for my passport before boarding. I know this a regular procedure and ...
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Tips about spending 20 hours in Kiev airport [closed]

I've a layover of 20 hours including an overnight stay at Kiev airport next month. I'll be travelling Delhi-Kiev-JFK on Ukraine international airlines. From anyone acquainted with the airport, what ...
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Is the use of "Kiev" (or other Russian-based spelling) considered offensive in Ukraine?

Someone edited my question, which originally used "Kiev" to mean the capital of Ukraine, but edited into "Kyiv". I just briefly googled it and found that "Kiev" is a Russian word while "Kyiv" is a ...
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Am I able to take a train from Moscow, Russia directly to Kiev, Ukraine given the current political situation?

I am planning on travelling from Russia to Ukraine in 2017 via train and was curious if taking a direct train was still an option. I am aware of the Belarussian route but would prefer to not deal with ...
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8 answers

What is the main spoken language in Kiev: Ukrainian or Russian?

I'm aware that there are both native Ukrainian and Russian speakers among Ukrainians, with the west being more Ukrainian-speaking and the east/south more Russian-speaking. What about Kiev today? I ...
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3 answers

Does Ukraine still stamp EU passports at Boryspil airport?

While transiting Boryspil airport yesterday, I was told by a (junior) border guard that they've stopped stamping EU passports altogether. He told me that the "UA - EU citizens" booths often are not ...
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How fast is the free Wi-Fi at Kiev airport?

Kiev Borispol's website mentions that there if free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals. How fast and reliable is this free Wi-Fi?
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1 answer

Where in Kiev airport can I find power outlets?

I have a long layover in Kiev Boryspil and would like to recharge my computer. Where can I find some electrical plugs on the airport grounds?
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Can you transfer from Ukraine International airlines to British Airways at Kiev-Boryspil without clearing immigration (only hand luggage)?

So I'm considering flying Tbilisi-Kiev-London (TBS-KBP-LHR), with the TBS-KBP leg flown by Ukraine International Airlines (UIA), and the KBP-LHR leg by British Airways (BA) I will not be able to have ...
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International-to-domestic transfer at Kiev Borispyl

In a couple of weeks I've got a trip coming up from London to Kharkiv (Ukraine) with a transfer in Kiev (same airline, same ticket). The tickets were purchased directly from the UIA website and the ...
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Buy analog photographic material in Kiev and Odessa

I am looking for a shop in Kiev and Odessa where I can buy analog photographic film and paper. Does anyone know a shop were I can buy this? (May be this is not the right place to ask such kind of ...
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Is it safe to travel to Kiev at the moment? [closed]

I know there is war in the Eastern part of Ukraine at the moment but how is the situation in Kiev? Is it safe to travel there at the moment?
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Is it currently safe to travel to and live in Kyiv, Ukraine? [closed]

I am U.S. citizen considering possible relocation to Kyiv, Ukraine for a new job. Is it safe for Americans to live in Kyiv? Is there any serious chance of a major escalation of the current ...