I am looking for a shop in Kiev and Odessa where I can buy analog photographic film and paper. Does anyone know a shop were I can buy this?

(May be this is not the right place to ask such kind of question but since many experienced travelers and maybe also ukranian locals use this forum I wanted to post this question here.)

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    I think this is on-topic for travel
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    Sep 16, 2015 at 18:06

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You can buy them at the ФОТОФОНД (PHOTOFOND) store in Central Kiev, which has two locations:

  1. ФОТОЛАВКА: ул. Шота Руставели, 8 (вход со двора)

Translation: Fotolavka, Shota Rustaveli st., 8 (entrance from the courtyard)

Phone: (044) 235-33-35, 234-85-22

  1. ФОТОМАСТЕР: ул. Горького (Антоновича), 4/6

Translation: Fotomaster, Gorkiy (Antonovich) st., 4/6

Phone: (044) 287-50-98, 289-41-38


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