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Questions about Boryspil International Airport (Ukrainian: Міжнародний аеропорт "Бориспіль", IATA: KBP, ICAO: UKBB) the main international airport of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

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5 hours transit at KBP airport (Ukraine), do I need a visa?

I'll travel from Minsk to Dubai by through KBP airport (Ukraine) and will change plane within 5 hours transit (I'm not going to leave the transit zone), Do I need a visa in this case? I am Iraqi with ...
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Where to find flights statuses by airport for a given day?

On November 23, 2018 I had a flight from KRK (Krakow, Poland) to KBP (Kiev, Ukraine) via Ryanair, flight no. FR 6640. The flight was canceled due to bad weather conditions on KBP airport. Now, I'd ...
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2 answers

Is a 1-hour connection enough at Kyiv Boryspil with two separate tickets?

I'm looking into buying two separate tickets to fly from Vienna to Minsk, with a connection at Kyiv Boryspil airport. Ukrainian Airlines comes out best, but there would be only 1 hour between flights. ...
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Best way to get to city center from Kyiv Boryspil Airport (KBP)

What is the best way from Kyiv-Boryspil International Airport to the city center? Is there any public transport available?
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How fast is the free Wi-Fi at Kiev airport?

Kiev Borispol's website mentions that there if free Wi-Fi throughout the terminals. How fast and reliable is this free Wi-Fi?
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Where in Kiev airport can I find power outlets?

I have a long layover in Kiev Boryspil and would like to recharge my computer. Where can I find some electrical plugs on the airport grounds?
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