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Question about frequency of visits to the US when using an ESTA [duplicate]

I recently travelled to the US with an ESTA, dates were 18th of August to 28th of August on a business trip. I plan to return on the 24th of November until the 4th of December on a follow up trip - ...
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What perks does an award business class ticket not get vs revenue tickets?

Are there any perks which a passenger flying on an award business class ticket does not get that a revenue business class ticket gets? For example in Lounge access do airlines distinguish between ...
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How do I check if my Air China eticket is business class?

I have just purchased an airchina ticket to NZ business class. Where on my eticket can I find that it is indeed business class, please?
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Can a flexible ticket be changed after check in?

I recently read a story about a person in China buying a fully flexible business class ticket, checking in, using the business class lounge, then changing the ticket for a future date. He supposedly ...
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Can I access to the business lounges during the layover?

I have a business class ticket for my flight with Lufthansa from Venice and I have a connecting flight from Frankfurt. Then my other flight is in Economy class with Sunexpress. Can I still access to ...
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American Airlines: The class of service may not be available

I'm looking at a few different business class itineraries on the American Airlines Website and all of them are flagged with a warning The class of service you searched may not be available on one or ...
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I want to upgrade to first class but the middle flight cannot be upgraded

Right now I have a planned trip from Chicago to Colombia with stop in Miami in Main Cabin (American Airlines). I want to upgrade to business/first class but, it adds me one more stop in Atlanta. The ...
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App or website showing cheap business class flights?

Does anyone know a free website or app that is posting cheap business class flights? I've found many websites, but they are only posting cheap economy class fares. This page is the only one I know so ...
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Why don't most business class seats fold out fully?

My issue is as follows: Why almost all business class seats do not recline to a full flat configuration? Is it a design challenge that is difficult to overcome? I understand that it may save space (...
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Can I upgrade to business on one leg only?

I have booked the CHEAPEST economy (the most restrictive) ticket from Manila to NY on ANA with a stopover in Tokyo. However, I want to try business class only on one leg (as the whole trip in business ...
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What is the cheapest business or first class flight I can book and fly? [closed]

I’d like to be able to turn left and head for the pointy end of a plane. What’s the cheapest business class or first class flight I can book? Basically, the rules are the same as What is the cheapest ...
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