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All Nippon Airways (IATA: NH), better known as ANA, is a major airline of Japan, and a member of the Star Alliance. Its principal hubs are at Tokyo (HND and NRT) and Osaka (ITM and KIX).

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Why was the "piece concept" of baggage applied on an Australia-Japan flight?

There are two ways to define baggage allowances on flights. IATA: Weight Concept: measured by the total weight of checked-in baggage, which is shown as a weight amount on the ticket (e.g. 20 kg or ...
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Transit Visa for flight connecting through Narita/Japan airport [duplicate]

Vietnamese passport with US green Card. Flying to Vietnam on February 2023. Do I need a transit visa if my layover is 2 hour at the NARITA/Japan Airport
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How can one find the purchase or reservation deadline for a fare when booking a flight on the All Nippon Airways (ANA) website? states: Depending on the purchase or reservation deadline for a fare, there are cases in which the ticket must be issued within 72 ...
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When is the deadline to use the "Keep My Fare" feature on the All Nippon Airways (ANA) website?

I see there is a deadline to use the "Keep My Fare" feature on All Nippon Airways (ANA) website: The screenshot was taken about 1 week prior to the flight departure. When is the deadline to ...
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Can I upgrade to business on one leg only?

I have booked the CHEAPEST economy (the most restrictive) ticket from Manila to NY on ANA with a stopover in Tokyo. However, I want to try business class only on one leg (as the whole trip in business ...
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Why are direct flights more expensive than connecting [duplicate]

I am an American living in Tokyo. I plan to go back to the US (NYC) to visit my family and for Christmas and New Year. Flights from Tokyo Narita to JFK on ANA (return) are $1,400. Of course this is ...
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Who is responsible for the refund policy on a code-share flight?

During July 2019, I booked flight UA7938 for March 30 through United Airlines for my honeymoon. With everything involving Covid-19 happening, I'm trying to see if I can get a refund for the ticket or ...
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I filled MR only in my first name on boarding pass z, problem?

I filled MR in first name and full name(as passport) in last name when boarding reservation because of no first name and last name in my country . The name in My Passport is Moe Swe Myint. But E ...
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Connecting in Narita from Domestic ANA 1162 to International Delta 68; Baggage?

I will fly on Sept 30 from Osaka to Narita on ANA 1162, arriving at 13:35. I am then traveling from Narita to PDX on Delta 68 at 4:10 PM. How/where do I claim my bags and recheck them for the Delta ...
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Online check in problems for Air Japan NH805 / Air Canada AC6230 from BKK to NRT [closed]

Online check in problems for Air Japan NH805 / Air Canada AC6230 from BKK to NRT. Why, when booking with Air Canada and Star Alliance partner Air Japan, can one seemingly NOT check-in online in ...
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Can I accrue miles from award ticket awarded from another airlines

I have mileage cards from both ANA and Lufthansa, both Star Alliance members. If I buy an award Lufthansa flight ticket with miles from ANA card, do I earn miles on my Lufthansa card for that flight?
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ANA domestic carry-on allowance: can I take a laptop bag as well as a rucksack?

I have a domestic flight (within Japan) booked with ANA; this is a single flight with no connecting international segment. The aircraft I'm flying on is a 777-200 from Tokyo-Haneda to Sapporo. I've ...
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Determining All Nippon Airways class code - Class H or Class Y on a flight?

A flight I had says on the E Ticket under class - H(Y). On Air New Zealand's points claim (Star Alliance partner), it has both H and Y. Which one is it? If it helps, it was with All Nippon Airways, ...
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Proof of residence for Japan Airpass

To use an ANA Star Alliance Airpass, I need to provide proof that I reside outside of Japan. What would constitute acceptable proof? Context: I'm an American living and working in the UK, and I'm ...
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