I needed to book a Tatkal Ticket for Indian Railways using IRCTC website today. During the booking process, the website showed 242 seats as available. However, due to slower than usual payment gateway, the payment process took a long time. Eventually my payment went through successfully and I was redirected to IRCTC to complete the booking process. But the website flashed a message saying Reservation Failed. No seats available. This meant that even though my account had been debited, no ticket was booked for me.

Now I want the money back. I checked for the Refund Request option which I am unable to find on the site. I tried calling the Customer Service numbers listed on the site but gcouldn't connect. I sent an e-mail regarding the issue to [email protected] and [email protected] describing this issue. However, again I only got automated responses.

How do I proceed to get a refund from IRCTC?

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    You can Use the "My Transaction" menu option in the top navigation bar (The one that also has sign-out/contact-us button). There you can see "Last Transaction detail" and "Failed Transaction History". Normally if payment is debited and seat is not booked, IRCTC automatically processes the refunds (though it may take 3-5 days for it to be credited back in your bank account)
    – RedBaron
    Mar 9, 2017 at 11:34
  • The problem is IRCTC use a third party payment gateway fssnet. In last transaction details, even if the payment failed , it will show the amount. So how do I know whether the amount reached from the third party to IRCTC?
    – i--
    Mar 9, 2017 at 11:41
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Some General Information in this topic

Indian Railway accept online as well as offline ticket reservation for General and Tatkal tickets.

The Speciality of Tatkal means, the reservation start only 11:00 AM IST one day before the journey.

That is, if I want to travel on 05-04-2017, I can book only on or after 11:00 AM on 04-04-2017.

There is no refund on Confirmed Tatkal tickets. But for Waitlisted Tatkal tickets, the refund will be done (refund amount = ticket amount - 60 ).

Now, the question

I talked to some railway staffs whom I know personally know, about this and they told that if the reservation is failed, the refund process will be done automatically since it is done via Online.

Since I directly paid with Debit Card with pin, the refund amount will be automatically transferred to my bank.

When I checked the failed ticket history, it shows Payment settled. Now I have a proof that they received the amount.

The railway staff told me that it may take upto 7 days for the amount to get refunded.

Later when I checked ( after 5 days, the Refund status show refunded).

enter image description here

So, for bookings via IRCTC, if failed, refund will be done automatically.

For your information

If the ticket booking is successful but is waitlisted and didn't get confirmed before the journey, the refund will be done automatically within 7 days after the journey. Because of that, Waitlisted Online tickets can't be used to travel in General Compartment. Whereas offline waitlisted tickets can be used to travel in General Compartments

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