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An Indian Railways scheme for journeys at very short notice.

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How many passengers can be booked under a single Premium Tatkal ticket of Indian railways?

How many passengers can be booked under a single ticket purchased using the premium tatkal scheme of Indian railways? Is it only two or more than two?
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3 votes
1 answer

How to apply for an IRCTC Refund?

I needed to book a Tatkal Ticket for Indian Railways using IRCTC website today. During the booking process, the website showed 242 seats as available. However, due to slower than usual payment gateway,...
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Change Boarding Point of a CKWL ticket

I booked a tatkal ticket today from IRCTC and got CKWL 2. I wanted to change the boarding point of the journey, so I tried to change boarding point option on the IRCTC website.Unfortunately, I was ...
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4 votes
2 answers

How to combine two Tatkal tickets booked using one account?

As per Indian railways rule on Tatkal, a total of 4 adult passengers are allowed to book on one train ticket. Using my registered IRCTC ID, I have booked one ticket for me and my wife, and booked a ...
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How are vacant, unreserved Premium Tatkal seats alloted among passengers in the waiting list? [duplicate]

Does anyone know what happens to unreserved seats of Premium Tatkal. Like for a train in evening tomorrow, still 05 seats are left in 3AC against Premium Tatkal and Tatkal 3AC current status is 03 W/L ...
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Can I book a tatkal ticket in Indian Railways online? [duplicate]

Can I book a tatkal ticket in Indian Railways online ? Is yes when can it be booked? Or is it that only premium tatkal tickets can be booked online? Please help .Its urgent
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14 votes
2 answers

What is the difference between a tatkal and premium tatkal ticket in Indian Railways?

What is the difference between a tatkal and premium tatkal ticket in Indian Railways? I wanted a book a ticket in tatkal but it shows already the tickets are in waiting list. How is that possible? ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Will unbooked Premium Tatkal tickets confirm my General Waiting List ticket?

I have a W/L 3 ticket for the Coromandel Express for the day after tomorrow. The ticket is in A/C 3 tier class which also has 18 RAC passengers in this train. So to get a confirmed ticket, I need to ...
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How to get refund on tatkal waitlisted ticket?

Do I have to cancel the the waitlisted tatkal ticket to get refund or will it get refunded automatically without any cancellation of ticket?
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Can I get refund from IRCTC?

I am going to travel from Manmad to * *, we are 4 people out of which 1 got his ticket confirmed through the IRCTC portal for Indian Railways though other 3 are under CKWL/TATKAL waiting list. We all ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Refund rules for a confirmed ticket vs non-confirmed ticket booked through Tatkal scheme of Indian railways

I have a few questions before I try to book a ticket through Tatkal scheme of Indian Railways: I would like to know if I book a tatkaal ticket on irctc website for indian railways and I do not get a ...
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Do tatkal reservations on Indian railways require any special document?

I would like to know if I book a ticket through the tatkal scheme using the website whether I need to have any special documents that will make me eligible for travelling? Usually when I do ...
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4 answers

Can I board at a different train station with a tatkal ticket in India?

I have booked two tickets for Mumbai to Pune in Tatkal quota. The train departs from Mumbai CST, can I board the train at Dadar station?
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