How many passengers can be booked under a single ticket purchased using the premium tatkal scheme of Indian railways? Is it only two or more than two?

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Premium Tatkal is an e-ticket only service with dynamic pricing. This document describes its salient features. Summary (emphasis mine):

  • Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is same as Tatkal ticket booking.
  • Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in this quota.
  • Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm passenger s.
  • RAC/ Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed.
  • Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking.
  • I-ticket Booking is not allowed with this Quota.
  • No concession shall be applicable in this Quota.
  • Child passenger will be charged with full fare.
  • All rules for tatkal quota booking over internet is applicable to Premium Tatkal quota also.

If we lookup the Tatkal Guide, it explicilty states

Maximum of four passengers per PNR can be booked on Tatkal e-tickets.

Thus it is reasonable to assume that maximum four passengers can be booked under a single Premium Tatkal ticket too. This is borne out by the fact that booking screen has only 4 entries when choosing a premium tatkal option

Premium Tatkal booking screen

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