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Value Added Tax which can often be refunded when exiting a foreign country.

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Where to get VAT stamp during a trip in Europe?

I made significant purchases in Sweden and need a stamp for tax refund. I leave Denmark for Norway by ferry and then fly from Bergen to Paris. From Paris I will go to Zurich by train 3 days later and ...
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Do I need to include foreign VAT while declaring goods for personal use at UK customs?

Suppose I buy personal goods worth 4500 AED (1000 GBP approx) in UAE and arrive at the UK. I am a UK resident. Now suppose that I have paid an additional 225 AED (50 GBP approx) as VAT in UAE. So the ...
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VAT Refund on someone else’s card

My parents have a flight back to home tomorrow. They have some refund receipts (Global Blue) to be shown at the Berlin airport. Since cash refunds have more fee, we wanted to opt for VISA credit/debit ...
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If I buy a used car in another country in the EU/Schengen and move to Germany, do I have to pay VAT again

I'm in another Schengen country waiting for a residence permit. I can buy a car - if I pay cash. I'm planning on buying used but don't want to pay taxes twice. In this country I can even buy it ...
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Do I have to declare personal items at Customs in Dublin Airport?

Since Aer Lingus announced service to my airport starting next year, I've been planning a trip, likely this time next year. I'm likely bringing my laptop, my DSLR camera, and of course my phone. The ...
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Non European flying to Germany to buy an expensive item. I am returning home through Switzerland, where should I request a tax refund?

I will be buying an expensive item in Germany, then after a few weeks I will visit Switzerland. A few days later I will take a direct flight home. How should I apply for my tax refund? Are there ...
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How to calculate Municipality fee, Service charge, and VAT for restaurants in Dubai

Restaurants in Dubai charge Municipality fee, Service charge, and VAT. Let's say all Prices are inclusive/exclusive of 10% service charge, 7% Municipality fee and 5% VAT. How can I calculate this? ...
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Flying back to EU with electronic devices without being able to prove I already paid VAT and import taxes

I'm a French resident. In 2019 I bought online a $200 laptop coming from Hong-Kong. It was sold by the merchant without VAT and sent by DHL. I remember very well I had to pay around 55 euros in VAT + ...
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VAT refund after leaving Germany?

I have bought a laptop while staying in Germany for a few day about a week ago. I was short on time, so didn't manage to refund my tax at airport's customs. I have the receipt from shop and a form, ...
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How to claim VAT refund travelling from Amsterdam to London by train

After brexit, travellers from EU to UK can reclaim vat on purchases. My question is how can this be done from Amsterdam? Is there a customs office near the Eurostar entrance so that the VAT refund ...
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Must goods be unused to get Spanish VAT refunded?

Suppose I visit Spain, buy an expensive item, get the seller to provide a DIVA form, intending to get a VAT refund upon returning to my non-EU country of residence. It’s the kind of item that can be ...
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VAT refund in Milan airport, where to do it?

In this question, it was mentioned that there are 4 tax refund places in Milan Malpensa airport, but that question is from 5 years ago so wanted to check a few details, especially because I have ~30 ...
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How can I avoid supporting unethical/criminal behavior reagrding fiscal matters when travelling? [closed]

When travelling, I am often offered to pay in cash, with the risk of the business I am completing the transaction not paying VAT. On the other hand, if I pay by credit card, there is a non-zero risk ...
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Buying goods online from Canada to EU is VAT free? [closed]

I read that Canada and EU now have a free trade agreement. Does this mean that as a private person, if I order some goods online, like a laptop, or a TV, or anything will be VAT free if it comes to ...
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VAT refund for an online order from Germany shipped to Spain?

I am in Spain but I am not a resident of the European Union. I made an online order to a German seller who shipped the product to Spain. I got an invoice that includes Spanish sales taxes (21%). I ...
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Goods from Germany, sent to U.K. address, VAT refund when leaving EU with them

I will buy some items online from Germany but have them sent to a UK address. I will be in the U.K. for a visit and shopping. Can I claim VAT refund for the German purchase? The retailer will ...
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International student travelling to the UK. Must I pay duty on items I bring? [closed]

I’m an international student set to join a University in the UK for a 1 year Management course. I’ll be taking my laptop, iPad and camera with me. Am I supposed to pay duty at the airport for any of ...
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Transitting through Spanish Airport-customs rules

I will be arriving to Barcelona on a flight from the US. 22 hours later I will have to catch my flight to Russia from Barcelona. I have a question regarding my imported goods then. I am in transit ...
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VAT Refund after returning home

I recently bought graphic cards from Estonia and got my Tax Free Form stamped from custom before leaving but since I couldn't find the office and clock was ticking for my flight, I had to leave EU ...
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VAT refund at Luton

I missed the chance to drop the envelope off after security pass as we were rushing for our flight with 2 children. If I return to the UK in a few months time and drop the envelope, will I still get ...
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Does Tahiti/French Polynesia offer VAT refund upon departure?

My hotel on Moorea includes a "VAT" charge of 13% on meals and spa receipts. Is it possible to get this amount refunded when I get to the airport for my return flight? If so, how? I found old (ten ...
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