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One of the Windward group islands in the Pacific Ocean and part of French Polynesia.

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Buying tickets online for Heiva I Tahiti 2024 (French Polynesia)

I want to see some events for the Heiva I Tahiti this year. I won't be in Tahiti until July, so would like to buy tickets online. However, the web site of the event organizer (Maison de la Culture) ...
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What is the simplest way to book a rental car in Tahiti?

I've been using major sites like rentalcars, expedia and multi-search engines kayak, skyscanner, momondo everywhere else, but for Tahiti, they don't return any results. I can see the usual Hertz, Avis ...
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Does Tahiti/French Polynesia offer VAT refund upon departure?

My hotel on Moorea includes a "VAT" charge of 13% on meals and spa receipts. Is it possible to get this amount refunded when I get to the airport for my return flight? If so, how? I found old (ten ...
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Is there a convenience store/grocery at the Bora Bora airport?

Is there a store at the Bora Bora airport in Tahiti? Can I buy toiletries, groceries, and/or alcohol there?
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Boat options from To'opua to Vaitape

We are going to stay at the Conrad Bora Bora on To'opua island in Tahiti. Some of the restaurants we would like to visit are on next door Vaitape island. The hotel has boat service "for a fee," per ...
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Is Sydney - Papeete - Easter Island - Santiago possible on a round the world ticket?

Is Sydney - Papeete - Easter Island - Santiago possible on a round the world ticket? I've looked at the rules for RTW tickets and can see no reason why not. However, I've not been able to put ...
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How can I buy an economy ticket one-way from Tahiti to Easter Island?

I am trying to price flights for a South Pacific trip. Easter Island can be reached from either Santiago, Chile, or Tahiti. Flights from island to island within the South Pacific (eg Fiji to Samoa or ...
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Tahiti Nui hotel swimming pool

Does the Tahiti Nui Hotel have a swimming pool? Are there other budget hotels in Papeete that have one?
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Sail boat from Santiago Chile to Tahiti

I am trying to find out how easy it is to catch a sail boat from Santiago, Chile to Tahiti or beyond. I am a skilled (older female!) coastal sailor but would like to crew on a Transpacific journey. ...
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