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US B1B2 Visa rejected as Software consultant from India

I am a Software engineer since 2015 and Remote worker serving global startups since 2020, worked with remote companies from Germany, Singapore and US (Currently). I got my US B1B2 Visa appointment ...
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Review of (free) budget travel apps

I usually control my costs of travelling with a spreadsheet. Recently I have started using an app and I am really enjoying it. It's much easier to do: it does currency conversion, adds the location ...
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Drawing a path on a map and having a navigation software on my phone following it

I plan to drive in a city. I would like to decide to decide my exact route by drawing it on a map, then have a navigation software help me navigate to make sure I follow the route. Which solutions ...
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Why do low cost airlines allow check in much earlier than «full service» companies?

Ryanair allows check-ins 30 days before departure. Easyjet, Wizzair follow suit. British Airways - 24 hours before departure; KLM - 30 hours before departure; Lufthansa - 23 hours before departure. ...
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Visa processing for attending company conference at US while working remotely from Bangladesh

I work for a US software company remotely from Bangladesh and my employer wants me to join a conference with a partner company investing in our company. My employer booked air-tickets, hotel ...
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Change Osmand map to 2D-view [closed]

I recently installed osmand on my iPhone to use it for travelling. Unfortunately, an isometric/3D view of the map appeared. I want to change it to an ordinary 2D view. Does someone know how to do this?...
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Travel Agency Software [closed]

Is there a web based or web integrated software available for travel agents that does the following: Lets you book rooms in a number of hotels, Book bike and/or car rentals, Book other extras, Book ...
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Looking for a good online itinerary organizer / travel planner [closed]

I am looking for a good itinerary organizer. I want it to be able to store and organize all the following aspects: Travel details (flying, driving) Accommodation details Activities Available online ...
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Is there a way to get offline maps of China for Windows devices as I have no iPhone or Android?

On my previous trip to China I received a gift of an 8" Windows tablet, and this is still my only portable device. I have no smartphone as of yet. At that time the most useful app on the device was ...
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How to deal with contact numbers while traveling?

The Android Contact List (People App) on my phone has numbers from my contacts entered as it is needed to call them from my home country (Canada): Local numbers entered with 10 digits, including now ...
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iPhone app that will navigate to a point on OSM maps in real time

I have an old eTrex that I use this way - I click a certain point on a map, where I want to go. eTrex will: calculate a route and start giving me directions based on the map I preloaded it (usually ...
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Apps to find local events

I will be traveling around Central Europe by the end of this month and I would like to know if you could recommend me any app for finding events been held in some particular city the same day that I ...
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Is it legal to import software from the US to India, which is presently not for sale in India?

I am a big fan of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and I am a PC gamer waiting for GTA V PC version for months now. I have seen that it will be available from Jan 27th on so that we can pre-order it....
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Offline multi-city International public transport app?

Some years ago, before Android and iOS, I used to have a map for Windows phone (and web) that allowed you to download per-city packs of subway information that included schedules and connection ...
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Which smartphone apps have you found particularly useful when travelling (especially in New York)? [closed]

Which smartphone apps have you found useful when travelling? I'm thinking of travel-assistance (timetables. plans etc), finding interesting sights and eating-places, tips and tricks, virtual tour-...
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Recommended software for communicating / documenting whilst on a bike tour [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Going on a long bike tour, want to make a website I am going on a long bike tour and I intend to blog about it, take photos etc. I will take a tablet pc or netbook with me, ...
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Software, Apps, Online Planner for planning backup route

Are there any tools (be it off-line or on-line ones or software or phone apps or online planner) that is capable for suggesting alternative route for my journey or travelling. The reason is because ...
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Are there offline maps for WiFI locations while traveling

I am an avid user of fon and if fon is not available use Skype out to get connected, with my Wifi-only iPad. The only problem is to locate the closest Wifi point. It is a chicken-egg problem. You ...
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