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Questions tagged [travel-tools]

Questions regarding various tools, electronic gadgets, and applications that help during ones travels.

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Traveling with tools and pc parts

I'll be traveling to Spain soon. I need to take with me a screwdriver and a PSU 1k (pc part) my question is if a can travel with those things in my luggage in the deposit.
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Regulations for Traveling with Tools in Mexico

I am an Electrical Engineer who will be traveling to Mexico, I will be flying. I will be bringing tools into the country along with a laptop and other company property. What are the laws I should look ...
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Are there any services/apps/websites similar to Google Trips?

On May 1 2023 Google discontinued the Google Trip Summaries. For those unaware, Google Trip Summaries would automatically grab your flight/train ticket information and hotel information from your ...
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Tracking , security [closed]

I bought my bf a bus ticket but he left his phone in a bathroom and we've been bickering can I find out if he Ever got on the bus It was in his name with his card
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What are my options for getting a digital vaccine passport in the USA?

Related: Can I convert the CDC vaccination card issued for COVID into an International Certificate of Vaccination? I finally got my second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the USA. I received my white ...
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How do I arrive at the total individual expenses I had during a trip with my friend? [closed]

I went with my friend to Europe. We tracked all our common expenses on Splitwise app. We tracked all these - - the expense before the journey - including accommodation and travel tickets. - any money ...
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What is the proper tool to unscrew this type of screw? [closed]

I bought a portable stove for my travel but it broke and I tried to open it. But one of the screw looks like this. I have no idea if the manufacture put a abnormal screw. How do I unscrew this?
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Portable Iron without ironing board

I'm moving around quite frequently and I adore classic suits. I can't be sure that my suit will be ironed correctly when i'm giving it to the hotel service workers or something. Also, when i'm moving ...
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Are wire/belt cutter allowed to bring on-bag to plane?(not in luggage)

I found some pocket tools that contains some sharp part for cutting seat belt I think, as TSA said no sharp thing are allowed on-bag but the belt cutter isn't something that can harm other, isn't it? ...
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Social Travel App for managing Itinerary

I am looking for a Travel app where i can keep and manage my itinerary, get to know about other people travelling, maps and restaurants search. Searching on the net i found World mate has shut down. ...
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Tools to find best-value options for public transportation and internet access in Munich

I'm off to Munich in a few days and I'll be staying for 3 days. I'd like to know what are the tools to find my best value options for airport-to-city, in-city and city-to-airport public transportation?...
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What tools could help you plan a trip to attend concerts of major European symphonies?

I am curious if there exists a travel planning tool which can help organize a trip around concerts of the major European symphonies. As an example, let's say I really want to see the Berlin ...
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Is there an app that will calculate a route off main roads for cycling?

I want to go for a short cycle tour but I want to avoid main roads. Is there an app for that?
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Online tool to find points of interest along a route

Sometimes, when travelling between places, (particulary driving) I would like to get/see/do something else on my way. Most map tools (eg Google Maps) provide a way to search for points of interest of ...
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Japan public transport directions

Google Maps seems not complete enough for finding transit directions in Japan. Any better or official website or app for this?
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Does Google Maps app work well when offline in Dordogne France?

I read that Google recently made their Maps apps work in offline mode, where you can download an area, then use it (including navigation) while offline. I'll be driving a rental car from Bordeaux to ...
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How many roads lead to Rome? [closed]

The phrase All roads lead to Rome is an idiom meaning that several paths can lead to the same goal. It originates from the Roman road system, whose main arteries all met and merged in a single ...
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Where can I get alerts for earthquakes in California?

Similar to how you can simply check the weather forecast to get a good sense of upcoming weather, is there a tool I can use online to alert me of an impending earthquake? I am travelling in ...
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How can you quickly get accustomed to foreign coins?

On every trip I end up with piles of small coins. The reason, I find it quite difficult to identify foreign coins quickly. It is quite annoying to to read every value of a coin, especially in those ...
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Which smartphone apps have you found particularly useful when travelling (especially in New York)? [closed]

Which smartphone apps have you found useful when travelling? I'm thinking of travel-assistance (timetables. plans etc), finding interesting sights and eating-places, tips and tricks, virtual tour-...
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Show the time at milestones for a car travel route

When I enter a car route in Google Maps (e.g. Amsterdam to Madrid) I get nicely a total in estimated hours and the distances between each milestone. But I'm looking for the time at each milestone. (...
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Is there a website for figuring out who secret carriers / super saver fares are with?

I've seen both on onetravel and kayak now, where it describes flights as: "Secret Carrier" or "Super saver fare" eg: Seven months ago, I asked on this site what that meant, as it was new to me. ...
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How can I calculate the sun rising time for a specific point on earth?

I'm looking for a tool, application, etc. that allows me to calculate the sun rising time for any specific point on the earth. I've found a lot of such tools, but all of them do not take mountains, ...
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Tool to capture all my travels?

Is there a tool available where all my travel can be added to a map? I'd like to find one so that I can track the time I spent on wheels or in the air and also see a nice display on a map of all the ...
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Are there any tools that helps to plan schedules and costs of a travel?

I already planned some travels before using Microsoft Excel to plan paths, schedule, costs, transports, hotels and all things related to a long travel... Now, I'm intending to plan another one to 2013 ...
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How to generate a travel map?

For various reasons I have to present ~100 pictures of my last trip through Europe. To make this presentation more informative, I'd like to include an animated travel map that shows the route I ...
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Is there any website or app to lookup flight paths?

Is there any website or mobile phone app that allows me to look up the flight path, given a specific flight number? (I'm thinking 'SeatGuru for flight paths' here.) PS - I do know flight paths can ...
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