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Traveling to, from and in the African country of Malawi.

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I was refused a Standard Visitor visa, so how should I reapply? [closed]

Last year in December I applied for a UK Standard Visitor visa and it was refused on the grounds that I didn't satisfy the ECO I met the requirements of paragraph 4.2 of Appendix V: Immigration Rules ...
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How to get from Kigali to Malawi overland by public transport?

I plan to travel from Kigali to Blantyre, Malawi in May next year. I am wondering how it is to travel overland by public transport in Tanzania. In particular, how are the roads: bumpy and vehicles ...
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Do I need to obtain a visa prior to visiting Malawi as a US Citizen?

I'm researching visa requirements for a safari in 2017 and from what it looks like most of the countries will give a visa on arrival at the border. However, looking at Malawi it's saying I need to ...
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Transit by road through Kenya [closed]

I am planning to travel to Jinja in Uganda from Malawi. I wish to transit through Kenya spending probably max two nights in the process, possibly only one night. We can't get a Carnet for the vehicle ...
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What is the cheapest and most direct route from the UK to Malawi?

I'm researching a trip to Malawi and I'm struggling to find direct flights. I'd be happy to travel from any UK city to anywhere in Malawi. I've only been able to find flights for around £900 with at ...
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Is it possible to draw out USD from ATMs in Lilongwe, Malawi?

I will be travelling through Malawi over New years and a lot of the activities I have planned need payment in USD, and I don't want to carry the full amount in cash for my entire trip. So is it ...
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