I am planning to travel to Jinja in Uganda from Malawi. I wish to transit through Kenya spending probably max two nights in the process, possibly only one night. We can't get a Carnet for the vehicle in Malawi, it has to be done through AA South Africa and I don't have the time to wait. Min 10 days. The vehicle will have a Temporary Export Permit from Malawi with Police clearance Report etc. It also is a duty free import here and Title Holder is actually Malawi Revenue Authority, so it can't be sold. I will be traveling on Comesa Yellow card third party insurance, which is acceptable through to Uganda.

Do I take the chance and drive through to the Kenyan Border and see if they will allow me through or is there anyone I can contact for assistance?

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  • Legally you shouldn't get through Kenya without a Carnet however borders are sometimes "fluid". Since this is an old question how did it go? – user26434 Jan 29 '15 at 11:29
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