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Customs document to identify a driver's motor vehicle.

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Is it possible to travel from India to Russia through Pakistan?

I am a budding overlanding enthusiast planning to make a handful of international road trips from India in upcoming years. But I have seen that most people who travel to Europe or Central Asia take ...
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Carnet de Passages when entering Iran via Turkey

We attempt to drive into Iran from Turkey via Bazargan border. We hold the Lithuanian citizenship and have a valid visa for the Iran. We passed the Turkey control and are currently stuck between the ...
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Does a moped need a Carnet de Passage for Iran?

Some countries like Iran ask for a Carnet de Passage en Douanes (CPD) to pass through their territories riding a vehicle. It's clear that a car or motorbike needs this CPD and that a bike not, but ...
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What documents required in order to pass by car from Russia to Mongolia?

For example, a Spanish citizen with his 1971 S.E.A.T. 124 (Spanish-made fiat 124), is travelling from Spain to Mongolia via France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, ...
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I am a US citizen wanting to Drive an India registered car from India to UK - Who gives me the Carnet? [duplicate]

I am a US citizen and live in India and drive Indian registered cars. I want to drive these cars from India to the UK next year. Who gives me the Carnet? I hear Carnets are not given to foreign ...
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Transit by road through Kenya [closed]

I am planning to travel to Jinja in Uganda from Malawi. I wish to transit through Kenya spending probably max two nights in the process, possibly only one night. We can't get a Carnet for the vehicle ...
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Where and how to get a Carnet de Passage for a Pakistani Vehicle?

I am planning to travel to Europe on my Suzuki jeep. Where and how can I get a Carnet de Passage in Pakistan? I might even decide to do it on a motorbike if the Carnet turns out to be super expensive.....
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Do I need a carnet for travelling in/between countries in southern Africa? [closed]

I live in South Africa, and hope in the future to travel around Southern Africa visiting places such as Botswana, Mozambiqe etc. Do I need a carnet for travelling within Southern Africa?.
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Who provides Carnet de Passage for Indian vehicles?

Under which government department and which law the Carnet is issued in India ? I have already visited Nepal and Bhutan on bike. Both the countries don't need any Carnet from Indians. Now, I want to ...
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Overlanding in Egypt without a carnet de passage?

I know some people have entered Egypt without a Carnet de Passage so I know it is possible, what I need to know is how long can you drive it in Egypt that way, I know with a Carnet it is 6 months ...
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Getting 3rd party car insurance for Iran from Pakistan

We are Australians driving our New South Wales (state in Australia) registered vehicle from Sydney to the United Kingdom. Currently in Sri Lanka, we head next back to India, Pakistan then Iran and so ...
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Overlanding without a Carnet de Passage?

There's a lot of (sometimes contradictory) information to be found around the internet about a Carnet de Passage. The linked Wikipedia article, for instance says that a Carnet de Passage is ...
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