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Questions regarding the country in central Africa.

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Concerns with illegality of entering Uganda with used computer(s)

Apparently it is strictly illegal to import used computers into Uganda, per Uganda Revenue Authority re. passenger arrivals at Entebbe International Airport: Prohibited goods are goods whose ...
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How can I change the location of my fiancé's immigration interview in Africa?

What is the current status of the US embassies in Africa regarding changing the location of the immigration interview for my fiance? Are all US embassy locations in Africa able to process the ...
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Are there tours to see Western Lowland Gorillas?

I've noticed Rwanda, Uganda, and some other countries tour operators are able to charge thousands of dollars (cheapest one I found is $1500 for 3 days) for Mountain Gorilla viewing. I understand that ...
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How to get Delta/KLM to allow excess baggage for nonprofit charity to Uganda?

Does anyone know how I can get the extra baggage fee waived for materials I am taking to Uganda to a school/orphanage? I am the E.D. for a U.S. nonprofit, and it seems that we should be able to get ...
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Uganda Child travelling to the UK [closed]

What type of visa does a child travelling alone to the UK from Uganda need and how much is the visa.
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Lake Victoria Region Travel [closed]

I will be visiting Jinja, Uganda in March 2017. My plan is to get an East African Visa at Entebbe Airport on landing. I will head north to Jinja, Uganda and then after a few days cross into Kenya at ...
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How much of the original 'Lunatic Express' rail system in Africa is still active?

I was researching information on Carl Hoffman's book "The Lunatic Express" and found that it's also the colloquial name for a rail system primarily serving safaris in the first two decades of the 20th ...
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Transit by road through Kenya [closed]

I am planning to travel to Jinja in Uganda from Malawi. I wish to transit through Kenya spending probably max two nights in the process, possibly only one night. We can't get a Carnet for the vehicle ...
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What are the immigration times like at Entebbe airport?

Are there any current statistics on the average time it takes to pass Ugandan immigration at Entebbe airport when requiring a visa on arrival?
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What is the quality of the rafting on the Nile at a Jinja after the damming of Bujagali Falls

I have found a company offering Grade 5 Rafting on the Nile near Jinja Uganda. They make no mention of the fact the Bujagali Falls have been dammed and what if any effect this has had on the quality ...
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Best options for crossing Lake Victoria by ferry

I'm looking for the best option for crossing lake Victoria between Uganda (Entebbe) and Kenya (Kisumu) in either direction. Before anyone suggest earthwise I have attempted calling them (number not ...
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Friendly backpacker place on Lake Victoria?

After a week of work in Kampala I am considering spending this Christmas on one of the Lake Victoria islands. I have read nice things about Banda Island, and I am considering this place. TripAdvisor ...
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How to travel from Kitwe in Zambia to Kabale in Uganda through the DRC

Has anyone recently traveled in the eastern DRC, the Democratic Republic of the Congo? I'm considering moving south to north, from, roughly, Lubumbashi to the border with Uganda. However, it currently ...
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Overland trip in Uganda with camping

I'm looking at a overland trip in Uganda, approximately 14 days. I am ok with some amount of camping, but I'm not terribly interested in the "dig your own hole" sort of camping. I'd like to do it ...
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Which country should I go to in order to see gorillas?

I understand that you can see gorillas in the wild in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. In planning a trip to Africa to see gorillas, why might I choose one country over another considering factors such as ...
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