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Questions tagged [eclipses]

Questions about viewing eclipses of one of the celestial bodies.

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6 votes
2 answers

What are estimated traffic delays on the day of a total solar eclipse?

With the 2024 Total eclipse coming up in a few weeks, I'm surprised I haven't found this directly addressed anywhere else. I live South of Pittsburgh, PA. Our plan was to drive up to either Erie or ...
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How can I find flights that let me see the 2019 solar eclipse from a plane?

For the August 21 total solar eclipse Alaska Airlines offered a flight that was, I guess, specifically intended for eclipse viewing:
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8 votes
2 answers

Expected traffic density for the 2017 US solar eclipse?

Are there any sites, maps, or news articles with informed estimates of how many people will be traveling to various locations along the total eclipse path? I know that many locations, such as ...
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Camping in Oregon during the August 2017 eclipse

I'm planning a family trip to Oregon for the 21 August Eclipse this year. I'd like to head inland where the weather is likely to be better (e.g. around Madras): naturally, most if not all of the ...
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How to become a member of the "Totally Insane Travel Society"? [closed]

The Totally Insane Travel Society organizes travels to see solar eclipses. As you can see in this video some of their members were in Svalbard to see the eclipse of the 20th of March this year. But I ...
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Cheap way of flying from mainland Europe to the Faroe Islands?

A solar eclipse is scheduled to pass over the Faroe Islands and this seems like an excellent chance to visit. What is a cheap way of flying there from mainland Europe? Kayak seems to only find ...
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Which of these places in Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands would be the most accessible?

There's a solar eclipse on May 10 that covers part of Papua New Guinea. There are four feasible options to see it, as far as I can tell from the path. Alotau, on the east of Papua New Guinea. ...
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1 answer

Travelling for the May 20th eclipse in the US - recommendations for a location?

Similar to the question @Droogans posed - "Annular Solar Eclipse - Adak Island, May 2012: Airfare help?", I'm also keen to see this eclipse. I originally thought it went over Vancouver, but it ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Annular Solar Eclipse - Adak Island, May 2012: Airfare help?

I want to take a flight to Adak island (or a ferry) for the May 2012 solar eclipse. All the flights from CHI to ADK on state them as fully booked. This is, most likely, due to many ...
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Where would be the optimal place to watch the Nov 2012 Solar Eclipse from?

There's a solar eclipse going across northern Australia on November 14th, 2012:,_2012 Given that climate and weather varies substantially ...
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