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Questions about more than one of the countries Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, plus Fiji and various other Pacific island nations; or about the region as a whole. Prefer tag [new-caledonia] if applicable.

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What are some good resources other than google translate to help communicating with locals?

Soon my girlfriend and I will be traveling around Asia/Oceania for a year and normally before travelling I will learn some of the local language. I have a little bit of a formula of the stuff that I ...
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Most useful languages other than English in Asia and Oceania [closed]

Basically this question and this one but for Asia and Oceania. For most of my travel, I've decided upon the destination, and then decided whether or not to learn the language. However, I'm currently ...
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Travelling to Asia and Oceania with a peanut and pistachio allergy

I'm allergic to peanuts and pistachio nuts among other nuts but not every nuts. It's easy for me to avoid nuts on my day-to-day life (living in France), plus I'm more or less able to spot if I'm ...
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Is there a directory, list, or other way to search for ocean crossing cruises from all cruise lines?

As an alternative to flying, I'm considering to cruise from the east coast of Australia or somewhere in New Zealand to anywhere in North America. The dates are flexible, but my preference is to ...
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What's the cheapest stable route to cross the Pacific?

One of the most difficult parts planning a round-the-world trip is figuring out how to cross the Pacific Ocean. If you have a big budget that's not a problem, but if you're trying to save each penny ...
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Is it possible to legally visit uninhabited islands in the Pacific for a couple of days/weeks? [duplicate]

Can you sail to any island, and anchor your boat there, and use the island for food?
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Are wild dogs really a problem in Samoa?

Of all the dangers to worry about when visiting a foreign country, I did not consider packs of stray dogs roaming the streets and attacking people. But apparently this is a thing: Stray dogs are a ...
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Pacific islands where you can see natives who don't wear clothes?

Jacque Fresco once mentioned that he find naked people in Tuomoto when he was living in South Pacific for 1 year. But that was in the 50's, so a lot has probably changed. He said that they don't have ...
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Required vaccinations for New Zealand

Are there any required vaccines to travel to New Zealand?
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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Routes to Oceania?

I've looked into pre-orders for the 787 Dreamliner before, but so many of them are delayed or not active or not on scheduled routes, I thought I'd ask here. United was meant to have a route from ...
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Which of these places in Papua New Guinea or the Solomon Islands would be the most accessible?

There's a solar eclipse on May 10 that covers part of Papua New Guinea. There are four feasible options to see it, as far as I can tell from the path. Alotau, on the east of Papua New Guinea. ...
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Is it possible to exchange Australian dollars in New Zealand?

We're flying from Australia to New Zealand and have a few hundreds of AUD left. Is it possible to exchange them to NZ dollars in New Zealand or we need to this from Australia?
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What is the cheapest method to get a flight from Australia to New Zealand?

I'm planning to be about a month in Australia and then continue my trip to New Zealand. What is the cheapest method to get a flight from Australia to New Zealand? Does it make a difference from which ...
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