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The capital and largest city of Egypt.

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I'm scheduled to fly Wednesday from New York City to Doha to Cairo. Will they reroute us?

I'm on a group tour with Colette travel through AAA. We leave Wednesday via JFK to Doha to Cairo. Will they reroute us or cancel the whole trip?
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Missing baggage Swissport at Dublin

It's day 3 after landing in Dublin from Mumbai to Cairo and Cairo to Dublin. Swissport handles the baggage at Dublin airport. Baggage was delayed and we were told that the baggage would arrive within ...
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transitting between terminals in Cairo

My flight itinerary consists of the following routes: Johannesburg to Cairo + Cairo to Casablanca. Both routes are operated by Egyptair. I understand these two routes operate in different terminals (2 ...
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Can anyone give me some idea about scamming and rippings off in Cairo of Egypt?

What kinds of scamming and ripping off go on in Cairo? I made several trips to New Delhi, India. Is Cairo better or worse than New Delhi regarding scamming and ripping off?
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How to get a Smart Card for the Cairo metro?

According to this article Cairo has smart cards for their metro, however, it is unclear to me how I might go about getting one of these smart cards. Any ideas?
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Ireland Egypt visa appointment missing documents after appointment

After my appointment and a 4 hour drive back and I hold a critical permit and my first time to Dublin I had forgot about a UK refusal 5 years ago. Is there any way I could retrieve the reason as an ...
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How do I get from Cairo Airport to Port Said with 2 large 20kg bags?

Would a private taxi be prepared to do this and at what cost ? (from google, seems the rate is Eur100) Is there a (regular) bus?
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Multiple layers of license plates on egypt cars

I have spent a week travelling through Egypt and saw that, especially in Cairo, there are quite a lot of cars and trucks which have multiple layers of license plates (multiple license plates on top of ...
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Where to get offline maps for Cairo?

I am about to travel to Cairo. Usually when I tour somewhere I have offline Google maps downloaded on my phone and I mark all places to be visited. Is there a convenient alternative for a city like ...
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Why are there two security checks in Cairo airport?

I was recently in Cairo Airport where I was in transit. To go from arrivals to departures I had to go through a security check. I thought arrivals was considered a secure area, but well, security is ...
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Is it safe to visit Cairo in 2014? [closed]

I will have some time between flights in Cairo. I would love to visit the city but with all recent events I don't know how safe it is to visit it. Specially because it would be around 20h (so night ...
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Is the Cairo airport safe at night?

Tomorrow I will take a flight from Rome Fiumicino to Cairo Airoport that leaves at 10.35 PM and arrives at 2.35 AM in Cairo, Terminal 1A. Someone will send a taxi to catch me at the airport, but I ...
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Long transit in Cairo (Egypt)

In a couple weeks, I will have a long layover in Cairo on a trip from Mumbai to Toronto. I get to Cairo on Sunday at noon and leave for Toronto on Monday at about 1 AM. I am travelling on EgyptAir ...
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Travel adaptor in Egypt - can I buy the UK adaptor in Cairo?

I read that I need an European plug converter in Egypt. How hard is it to buy a UK to Europe plug in Cairo?
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Night trains from Cairo to Luxor/Aswan?

Is it possible to book on-line the night train from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan? Where can I find a timetable and summary of available compartments? On a side note, if and how much do these trains get ...
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Is it safe to travel to Cairo in July 2012? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it safe to travel to Egypt in early 2012? I am planning on travelling to Cairo this July but heard the elections will be in May with possibly a referendum on June 26th. Do ...
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Is the Cairo - Cape Town Highway passable?

The Cairo - Cape Town Highway sounds like a very interesting route to discover Africa by car. The Wikipedia web site says that some parts are still not finished. So my questions are: Is this highway ...
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What are the best day-trips for a single traveler staying in Cairo? [closed]

I'm visiting Cairo, Egypt in November and was wondering what people would suggest as the best single-day trips and activities, and what tips might apply specifically to a single traveler.
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