Tomorrow I will take a flight from Rome Fiumicino to Cairo Airoport that leaves at 10.35 PM and arrives at 2.35 AM in Cairo, Terminal 1A. Someone will send a taxi to catch me at the airport, but I have some doubts. Therefore I'd like to know if I could stay inside the airport till morning and then take a taxi.

Is Cairo airport safe? Does it close during the night?

Would I have some security problems in getting outside the airport alone to look for a taxi?


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Cairo airport, along with every site in Egypt remotely connected to tourism, has ridiculous amounts of security, so you are in absolutely no physical danger. If you wait until morning, all that's going to happen is that you'll be stuck in a traffic jam on your way to the city!

What's more, since the revolution, Cairo's rather notorious unmetered taxis are no longer allowed at the airport. If you ignore touts, pick a cab off the rank and insist on the meter, you should be perfectly fine. (Well, aside from the abysmal standards of Egyptian driving, but that's another story. I still remember driving to the airport one night past the wreck of a BMW that had literally wrapped itself around a lamppost.)

All that said, if somebody is arranging a transfer for you, it's presumably not going to be an ordinary taxi, but somebody known to whoever is sending them. So get them to stand outside Customs holding a placard with your name on it, and get their phone number as a backup in case you can't find them.

(Mild disclaimer: I haven't been back to Cairo since they opened the new terminal, but it wasn't a particularly hard airport to deal with even before.)

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    Very useful answer! Thank you very much! I will follow your advice and I will tell them to go just outside the customs. Best regards! Marco
    – marco
    Sep 1, 2014 at 9:22

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