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Cairo International Airport (IATA: CAI) in Egypt.

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Can you fairly quickly get a Visa-on-Arrival in Cairo Airport around midnight?

Currently there seem to be quite a lot of good value fares for departures from Egypt, and it looks like I should be able to save a fair bit on a planned trip if I break my journey into two tickets and ...
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Transit visa requirement. EgyptAir Mumbai to Toronto via Cairo [duplicate]

We are Indian passport holders, with valid visas for Canada. Plan is to take the EgyptAir flight Mumbai to Toronto, via Cairo. Problem is Egypt embassy website says we don't need Transit Visa if ...
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Why are there two security checks in Cairo airport?

I was recently in Cairo Airport where I was in transit. To go from arrivals to departures I had to go through a security check. I thought arrivals was considered a secure area, but well, security is ...
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Is the Cairo airport safe at night?

Tomorrow I will take a flight from Rome Fiumicino to Cairo Airoport that leaves at 10.35 PM and arrives at 2.35 AM in Cairo, Terminal 1A. Someone will send a taxi to catch me at the airport, but I ...
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Is it best for Canadians to get an Egyptian visa in advance or at the Cairo airport?

I read that it's possible to get an Egyptian tourist visa on arrival at the Cairo airport. Is that the recommended method for Canadians? If so, how much will it cost? Are any additional documents ...
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